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The Huge Kingdom appears in the episode "Walnuts & Rain". It is ruled by the Huge King and is home to his royal servants, "Food Boys." The Kingdom is discrete and is actually underneath the Grass Lands. It's main entrance is unknown and two holes in the Grass Lands lead to it's ceiling and it's kitchen exhaust.The Kingdom centers upon food as it has an almost never ending supply of food. The Food Boys are made of food and serve as the Huge King's needs and run around the kingdom to bring food to the king.

The Kingdom is considered dangerous as seen in the episode "Walnuts & Rain," where Finn was forced to stay in the Kingdom by the Huge King and is chased by the Food Boys.



The Huge Kingdom has the appearance of a extremely large room with tall shelves surrounding the whole of the kingdom. The shelves are seen to contain food and other household items. Ladders lay upon the shelves for the Food Boys to collect the items off it. In the center of the kingdom lies a huge stove with cooking ranges on top. The top of the cooking ranges are full of pots with water to boil food in. Above the stove was a big old wooden clock. On the floor is a long wooden table where the Food Boys lay the food items to be chopped and sliced. In the other side of the kingdom lies two huge chairs and one stairway with a platform across the chair so that the Food Boys can feed their King.


  • A bottle of what appears to be Sriracha can be seen in the shelves The Huge Kingdom.


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