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Huntress Wizard
Name Huntress Wizard
Sex Female
Species Wizard
Introduced in "Wizard Battle"
Latest appearance "You Forgot Your Floaties"
Voiced by Maria Bamford

Huntress Wizard is one of the competitors in the Wizard Battle in the episode "Wizard Battle." She is seen in "Reign of Gunters" hanging out in front of the magical item shop in Wizard City, and talks briefly to the Ice King. She appears again in "Wizards Only, Fools" standing on a building while watching Princess Bubblegum leaping over her to escape from the Wizard Police. She is seen again fighting among several other wizards against Bella Noche in the episode "Betty."


She has leaf hair and tree branch antlers, along with a tan hood and a black eye mask. She has light green eyes with dark green vertical pupils similar to those of a cat, and her skin is turquoise. She wears a purple shirt, tan pants, a black belt, a black cape, and long black/purple boots. She also sports a quiver of arrows on her back, implying that she is an archer. She wears a tan glove on one hand but not on the other, another sign of an archer.


She is laid-back, and appears to have a sarcastic and insolent approach to things.


  • She is nimble
  • Can fire bolts of lightning from her palms
  • Has magic arrows that she can levitate
  • She can grow leaves and branches from her body

Episode appearances


What's it look like, ya donk (talking to Ice King)?

—"Reign of Gunters"

You trying to get killed, Ice King?

—"Reign of Gunters"


  • Although other females (the Lady Wizard 1, Lady Wizard 2, and Science Whyzard) who showed up for the competition were either turned away or tried to leave but got turned into cats because they didn't want to kiss a girl on the mouth, only Huntress Wizard stayed to compete in the Wizard Battle.
    • Andy Ristaino stated that Huntress Wizard might have battled just to test her skills.[1]
  • She was designed by Michelle Xin.[2]
  • She speaks for the first time in "Reign of Gunters."
  • She displays the ability to magically levitate her arrows in "Reign of Gunters."
  • Although she has arrows, she is never seen with a bow. It could be that she does not need one, due to her levitation ability.
    • She does use a bow in the episode "Betty." This is likely because of Bella Noche's ability to negate all magic, which would cause her to lose her levitation ability.



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