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Ice Thing is the future ruler of Ice Kingdom (in the storyboards of Graybles 1000+ referred to as "Ice Thingdom") and is introduced for a short time in the episode "Graybles 1000+." So far, it seems to be malevolent, as it was chasing Cuber as he was trying to escape Ooo. The Ice Thing lives in what was the Ice Kingdom, but now seems to be in ruins.


The Ice Thing's body is what seems to be a flying beard with an ice blade as a nose (that is similar to the Ice King's) and a mouth with jagged teeth, and it is unclear if it has sight since there are no visible eyes. It seems to have ears/eyebrows that are lightning-bolt like shaped, much like Urgence Evergreen's were, and its head has 2 out of the three original gems from the Ice King's crown.


  • It is currently unknown if Ice Thing is Simon, or a different host for the crown. The storyboard refers to the kingdom as a "crowndom" possibly implying that it is the crown itself.
    • However the Ice Thing has the laugh of the Ice King, possibly suggesting it is him.
    • It's name also appears to be a pun on "Ice King".
    • Being merely a head with the crown jewels as eyes, implies that the Ice Thing could be the crown, and that it has manifested itself somewhat of a body. Also potentially meaning the crown is sentient.


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