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Ice armor is a protective outerwear used by Ice King in "Thank You." Ice King used it to safely stow himself away with sandwiches he stole from Finn and Jake. Although the ice armor is strong, he is totally immobile while in it, leaving Finn and Jake able to approach the obstacle any way they choose. They ultimately get Ice King out of the armor by hitting it multiple times with axes until it breaks.


It is made of solid ice with three spikes on top. The ice armor has thick, immovable arms and a peephole, through which Ice King can see and breathe. One of its hands is balled into a fist with a useless ice sword clenched within it. Ice King trapped himself inside of the armor, appearing to have frozen all but his head into it. Inside of the clear ice armor, Ice King wears nothing but his underwear.


  • In the video game Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!, Ice King wears his ice armor in the first part of the final boss. His ice armor is impossible to break, unless the player has acquired the Bomba. This also depends on Finn's attack statistics, and its destruction is vital to exposing Ice King's body.


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