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"Imaginary Resources" is the fourth part of the Adventure Time mini-series Islands and the tenth episode in the eighth season of Adventure Time. It is the two hundred fourty-eighth episode overall.[1]


Finn and Jake travel to a land where reality has been redesigned and improved. [1]




Major Characters Edit

  • Better Reality Minibots

Minor Characters Edit

  • Giant Parrot
    • Giant Baby Parrot

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Cultural ReferrencesEdit

  • The baby parrot hatching from the egg inside Jake is likely a homage to the 1979 film Alien. By pure coincidence, earlier the same week that the episode aired, actor John Hurt, who played the astronaut that the alien burst out of in the aforementioned film has passed away from pancreatic cancer on January 25, 2017.
  • The humans in pods dependent on a virtual reality simulation seems to be an homage to The Matrix movie series. BMO even gives a similar speech to the one Morpheus does, when asked that the simulation isn't "real". Morpheus was explaining that fundamentally, humans perceive "reality" as electrical impulses from their sensory nerves that get interpreted by their brain - electrical impulses which can be easily simulated. BMO, in contrast, is defending the virtual simulation as "real", pointing out that people say the sky is "blue" because our eyes tell our brain that it is.

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Production Notes Edit

  • This episode was released for digital download and DVD on January 24, 2017.




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