The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Issue 12 of the Adventure Time comics.


It is revealed that in Issue 11 that Lumpy Space Princess was spying on Finn, Jake, and Marceline and saw BMO zap them into Super Guts Punch 3. Jealous, Lumpy Space Princess bursts into the Tree Fort demanding she get sent into the game too. Unfortunately, the game is three-player only and Lumpy Space Princess becomes a stone pillar in the background of the game's opening level until she decides to leave the game, causing BMO to malfunction. After Lumpy Space Princess raids the Tree Fort's food she crosses Cinnamon Bun and Manfried, who are on a mission from Princess Bubblegum to give a message (just to say "What's up?") to Finn and Jake. Unfortunately Cinnamon Bun accidentally drops and breaks Manfried, but he sticks him back together with his glazing and they give their message to Finn and Jake after they rush pass them with Marceline and a still aggressive BMO.

Finn, Jake and Marceline decide the best way to flush out Ewlbo is with a fake Wizard Battle, however since the last one was only a few months ago they have to draw them in by saying it's only for the "awesomest wizards ever." They make posters for it and a multitude of wizards come. The ones Marceline meets have all wronged her in the past and she gets her payback, but none are Ewlbo. Jake tricks the ones he meets into playing cards where he cheats and makes them all say their true names for losing, but none are Ewlbo. Finn brings in Truth Field Projection Princess and interrogates all the wizards there, but none of them know anything about Ewlbo.

After canceling the Wizard Battle and sending all the wizards away. The team tries to figure out what to do next when BMO runs off. The gang tries to hold him but get pulled along. As they are pulled into the night they eventually come to a canyon where a crowd of robots are gathered around a cybernetic hole in the ground.

Back up story

Ice King is passing around enchanted mini-comics he made in order to distract people while he steals princesses. Finn and Jake discover what is happening and decide to make their own mini-comic. After they explain how to make a mini-comic, they create one and pass them around, ruining Ice King's plan.



  • In the omnibus edition of issues 10 through 14, there is a typo on one of the pages. Instead of saying "Truth Field Projection Princess", Finn said "Truth Field Projection Pricess".


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