This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Jake The Brick" from season 6, which aired on November 26, 2014.

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Sea Lard
Tree Fort
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[Dawn breaks at the Tree Fort. Finn and BMO exit the front door, and BMO hands Finn an apple, which Finn puts in his pack. He pats BMO's head. BMO goes back inside, while Finn embarks on his journey. In a forest, he pauses for a moment while checking a map. After traveling awhile, Finn stops to eat the apple. When he finishes, he attempts to throw the core into a hollow stump but misses. He stands up, cracks his back, picks up his pack, and continues on his way until he comes to a run-down shack made of bricks. One of the bricks is Jake.]
Finn: Hey, man.
Jake: Oh, hey, Finn! [laughs] So you got my map? [laughs]
Finn: [laughs] Yeah.
Jake: [laughs]
Finn: So... how's your experiment going?
Jake: Ah, it's goin' great. I really feel like I fit in, [laughs] so to speak. [laughs uncontrollably]
Finn: So... are you ready to come home?
Jake: Nah, I think I was just gonna keep being a brick for a while.
Finn: Umm... what are you doing again?
Jake: Finn, ever since I was little, I wanted to see what it's like to be a brick in a brick shack when the brick shack falls down. And this shack is gonna fall down. Just look at it. Like sandcastles in the sun, baby. [laughs] You're too young; you wouldn't understand.
Finn: [laughs] You're right. I don't understand. But I'm cool with your mystical journey or whatever. I'm gonna leave this walkie-talkie so we can stay in touch. Just in case.
Jake: What? No, man, bricks don't stay in touch!
Finn: Dude, BMO is, like, really worried about you.
Jake: Aww. You tell that little goofball I said hi.
Finn: I will. [looks at sun] Well, I guess I should head back.
Jake: Oh. Really? So soon?
Finn: Yeah, well, it took me, like, half a day to get here. Besides, you're just a brick, right?
Jake: [laughs] Yeah.
Finn: [leaving] Alright, see ya, Jake!
Jake: Bye! Okay, back to being a brick. [beat] I'm so bored.
[Finn heads back the way he came. The sun sets.]
Jake: [blows raspberry] Ooh, I'm starting to get a little tippy in my teacups.
[A nearby bush rustles, and out hops a rabbit.]
Jake: [quietly] A bunny!
[The rabbit hops over to a plant and starts digging it out.]
Jake: Looks like our long-eared friend is on to something. Bunnies love to dig. He's making a supreme effort, and I think I can guess why.
[The bunny digs the plant out enough to reveal it is a carrot.]
Jake: That's right. A carrot, grown out here free and wild, probably the result of a seed pooped out by a passing bird.
[The rabbit's attention is diverted by rustling in a bush.]
Jake: But what's this? A mysterious rustling in the bush. Could mean trouble. Mr. Bunny seems to think so. His sensitive whiskers quiver at the hint of imminent danger.
[The screen splits to show BMO bringing Finn a bowl of popcorn. They sit on the couch and listen to Jake's commentary through the walkie-talkie.]
Jake: Unfortunately for Mr. Bunny, this is what nature is all about. It's a male deer. Not a threat to Mr. Bunny in the predatory sense, but still above him in the food chain. Mr. Bunny, wishing to avoid an encounter, hops away to safety.
[The deer eats the carrot.]
Jake: Wow, deers are jerks.
Finn: Hey, man. You know I can hear everything you say, right?
Jake: What?! Arrrrrgh! No! I had no idea.
Finn: Yeah, but you saw me leave the walkie-talkie, and I left it on. You know that, right?
BMO: Hi, Jake!
Jake: Hi, BMO.
Finn: Need anything? A soda?
Jake: No.
Finn: So what's Mr. Bunny doing now?
Jake: It's not about the bunny! The bunny is incidental to the brick experiment.
Finn: Oh. Sorry, man.
Jake: Forget about the bunny.
Finn: Sorry, man.
BMO: Sorry, Jake.
Finn: Look, we'll, uh, we'll leave you alone. [pushes in walkie-talkie antenna]
[The screen returns to showing only Jake's side.]
Jake: Finn? Are you still there? Finn? BMO?
[The rabbit drops what remains of the carrot and returns to its home in the roots of a tree.]
Jake: Mr. Bunny retreats to its warren. Its homemade comfort is some consolation to help pass the hungry night. Twilight falls on the peaceful forest, a twilight unaware of the struggles it both soothes and conceals. The crickets begin to stir, rehearsing their musical rhapsodies. In the distance, flashes of heat lightning illuminate a purple summer sky. Even angry deer, at last, must come to rest. And so it is with our erstwhile antagonist, who has disappeared into a stand of trees, perhaps to dream of tomorrow's pointless battles.
[Jake yawns and closes his eyes. He is awoken by a raging thunderstorm.]
Jake: Oh, my Gob, it's a crazy storm! This might be it! This weather might knock the whole thing down! [laughs, then stops and looks at the rabbit]
[The screen splits again, showing Finn with Starchie, who is broadcasting Jake's voice.]
Jake: If a definition of bravery exists, then this must be it. A lone bunny, facing off against the elements, ineffectually pushing around some twigs with his pink bunny nose, a symbolic gesture, perhaps, but sometimes that's all we have. The wind is beginning to pick up. It's becoming clear that Mother Nature has not just knocked on the door, she has come in, sat down, and poured herself a drink. Mr. Bunny has no friends, no family, no loved ones of any kind. The wind is really picking up now. Small puddles gathering around the entrance to Mr. Bunny's cozy home are beginning to grow in size and connect with one another. It won't be long now. But what's this?! Looks like this unflagging little hero of a bunny will have some help, though! A family of friendly beavers appears to have taken up the cause.
[The rabbit leaves its home, and two beavers shield it from the rain with their tails. Finn writes "Boost frequency?" on a piece of paper and shows it to Starchie, who gives him a thumbs up. Finn crumbles up the paper and throws it toward the wastebasket, missing again. Starchie brings over three more microphones and positions them above the walkie-talkie.]
Jake: Often called nature's architects, these intrepid mammals are sparing no effort to shore up the endangered burrow. Here's an unusual sight. It's a Sea Lard! You'd expect to see a few mudscamps out in weather like this, but here we have a rare treat indeed. This little beauty is pretty far outside of her natural habitat, but I've heard it said by wise old salts schooled in ancient maritime lore that storms will sometimes blow them off course to a remarkable degree. Looks like we've got some pretty good evidence tonight. Yes, sir, sometimes those old sailors know what they're talking about. It's a triumph of experience versus the secondhand verities of musty academic tomes. This feisty Sea Lard is pitchin' right in to save the rabbit hole, belying its slothful reputation. She uses her prodigious swiveling behind to increase the size of the hole, while the beavers continue to reinforce the sides with straw and stick. Times like these, supposed cruelty and indifference of the natural world, all too often its most salient feature, pale before the nobler instincts of even our most humble kin.
[Finn and Starchie fall asleep. At dawn, Jake continues his commentary with bags under his eyes.]
Jake: In the morning light, few signs remain of the summer storm that battered this idyllic glen. The beavers are finished with their work and are heading home. The Sea Lard looks like she's gonna wander the woods for a while. Maybe she'll find her way back to the ocean and write a novel about her experiences. Mr. Bunny is exhausted but can rest easy knowing that his home is secure. But alas, the bunny's rest is short-lived. The deer is back.
[Finn and Starchie perk up.]
Jake: The deer, perhaps confused by the antler-like appearance of Mr. Bunny's protective dam, is now testing the situation.
[The deer pushes some twigs with its antlers.]
Jake: The bunny is unsure of where this is going.
[The deer suddenly stomps on the dam. The rabbit flees.]
Jake: And with a single smash from the deer's powerful front hooves, the bunny's home is under attack! Mr. Bunny has hopped to safety and can only watch as the deer continues its relentless rampage on the only home he knows. A couple more mighty smashes, and the dam—the dam has been breached! Water is now flooding in! The deer continues its attack! This deer's misplaced rage, combined with its size and weight, is more than enough to bring down the weakened walls, which are now starting to give, aided by the unforgiving weigh from the tree above. Even Mr. Deer, in his blind fury, seems to sense what's about to happen as he steps to one side!
[A huge crash is heard through the radio.]
Jake: It's over. The warren has been destroyed.
[Starchie offers Finn a tissue.]
Jake: An injustice of astronomical levels. Words fail me.
[The rabbit returns to the fallen tree.]
Jake: Actually, he doesn't seem that upset.
[The rabbit enters a hole in the hollow trunk.]
Jake: He's on his feet, checking out his new surroundings—even the deer is impressed! As if confused by the events, he performs a comical double-take and retreats into the forest. Ladies and gentlemen, this bunny is indomitable!
[Everyone listening celebrates.]
Jake: [laughs] This bunny has the right attitude. Who cares about being a brick in a wall of a fallen-down shack? There's something bigger than that, and the bunny has answers. [stretches out of wall] Teach me, Mr. B!
[The shack collapses.]
Jake: Aw.
Finn: Jake? Jake? You there, buddy? Over.
Jake: Hey, Finn.
Finn: Hey, man. You ready to come home?
Jake: That sounds good.
Finn: Awesome. See you soon. [tosses walkie-talkie in the trash] Yus!

Episode ends