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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the character.

"Jake the Dog" is the second episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It is the one hundred and sixth episode overall.


Jake continues to watch the consequences of Finn's wish within the Time Room with Prismo. As the situation gets worse in the world of Finn's wish, Prismo tries to help Jake make the right wish to save both Finn and the entire world.


Following Finn the Human, Farmworld Finn puts on the crown and becomes corrupted by its power, going mad. He attacks the Destiny Gang and puts out the fires, but his uncontrolled power causes the mushroom bomb to explode, destroying the surrounding area. Farmworld Finn manages to save his mother, father, baby brother, and mule; however, realizing how dangerous he has become, he sends them far away to safety and lies alone in the smoldering wasteland.

In the Time Room, Prismo reveals to Jake that Finn has been transported to a separate, altered world based on his wish that The Lich never existed. Together, they watch the events in Finn's world on Prismo's television, and Prismo asks Jake what he would like to wish for. Jake wishes for a sandwich, but Prismo urges him to use his wish on something important, such as helping Finn. Prismo goes so far as to simply make Jake a sandwich and give him a jar of pickles so as to not waste his wish. However, Jake is nonchalant and states that he thinks Finn will be fine and that they should just see how things carry out. Instead, he and Prismo mute the television screen and spend their time hanging out in the Time Room, talking about relationships and why Prismo chooses to be single. They are joined by the Cosmic Owl who also hangs out with the two of them in Prismo's jacuzzi.

Meanwhile, Farmworld Finn's deepening madness is halted when he hears Farmworld Jake barking. He runs to the center of the blast from the mushroom bomb where he finds Farmworld Jake half-submerged in a pit of goo. He tries to rescue Farmworld Jake, but he finds a skeletonized Farmworld Marceline holding onto him from inside the pit. As he is trying to pull Farmworld Jake out of the goo, Farmworld Marceline says that she told him this would happen. In desperation, Farmworld Finn kicks her away in order to rescue Farmworld Jake, and she dissolves into the goo. Grotesquely transformed by the goo's power, Farmworld Jake begins to advance on Finn and gnaws on his robotic arm. Finn then tries to share the "secrets of ice and snow with thee" and repeatedly screams "The power of frost!" until the scene zooms back into Prismo's cube.

Prismo, Jake, and Cosmic Owl are rapping in the jacuzzi. While doing so, the Cosmic Owl eats some chips from a little pool floaty that looks like a mini island. Upon unintentionally moving the floaty away, he tries to grab another chip and accidentally unmutes the television which disrupts Jake's and Prismo's rap. Jake hears Finn's plea to Farmworld Jake to back off his crown as Farmworld Jake changes into a giant Lich-like monster. He tries to grab Finn, but the corrupted human violently unleashes his ice powers at the Lich-like monster which destroys the TV signal. Alarmed, Jake finally listens to Prismo's advice to use his wish to save them. Jake wishes that Finn will be safe, but Prismo stops him, stating that because he likes Jake, he will reveal that according to the rules, the wishes he grants always come with ironic consequences: being unspecific could make a well-intentioned wish turn out terribly. He explains that the trick is to be very specific about all parameters of the wish to ensure that it makes the desired outcome. He says (for an example) if Jake wished for a back rub, the person doing it could be undesirable (Prismo suggests "dirty men"), terrible at it (Prismo suggests a bear), or transported away from their family in order to perform it. Prismo explains further that wishing something to be also affects elements both before and after it: memories could be erased, babies could be unborn, and potential worlds could be evaporated all because of a wish.

Jake, realizing the gravity of his situation, vomits and starts to crumple under the pressure, so Prismo directly instructs Jake into making the one wish that can fix everything and return him and Finn to Ooo: wishing to change the Lich's wish from the extinction of all life to wishing that Finn and Jake would be returned home to Ooo.

Prismo grants his wish and time is reversed. Jake and Finn then magically appear in the middle of a bounce off a rock to the cube to the moment the Lich makes his wish. He wishes instead that Jake and Finn were returned home, and is immediately shocked, as he knows this is not what he wished for. Prismo cuts him off and tells him that he already made his wish and everybody only gets one. Prismo then points out to the observing Jake that thus even the Lich's wish resulted in an unintended outcome for the Lich.

Finn and Jake return to Ooo moments after they entered the portal and Finn is terribly confused as to why the Lich wished them home, no longer having experienced the Farmworld from his own wish, but Jake is overjoyed, telling Finn and Princess Bubblegum that everything already happened and that he fixed it and saved them all. The jewels used to open the portal return to their respective crowns, including Hot Dog Princess, Embryo Princess, Lumpy Space Princess, and Ice King, who is "penguin shaming" Gunter to get him to reveal what he did with his jewels. Finally, Prismo sends Jake a jar of pickles with a note saying that anytime Jake wants to hang out, to give him a call. Jake then says he has to get Prismo a girlfriend.


Major characters

Minor characters




  • This is the first episode where the Cosmic Owl is in an actual physical form and not a vision.
  • After Finn's ice shield breaks, the scene is a view of the outside of Prismo's wish cube. Underneath, a Texas shaped rock is still there.
  • When Finn puts on the crown, his hair falls out of his hat so that he can fly in a similar manner to the Ice King.
  • Unlike the Ice King, Farmworld Finn gets the powers of the crown instantly on the time he puts it on. However, this may be due to Farmworld Finn openly accepting the powers of the crown while Simon tries to resist the power the crown gives to him.
  • When Farmworld Jake turns into the Lich, it shows that when the Mushroom bomb was set off someone--probably evil--was turned into the Lich. Also everyone shielded by ice did not vanish when the bomb exploded, showing this is probably what the Ice King did to survive the bomb.
  • As stated in "Finn the Human" and "Jake the Dog," once the Lich and Finn made their wishes, they were transported to their wish-altered realities. Whether or not the old realities still exist in some form or another is unknown, although beings in the Time Room will still remember them.
  • This is the first episode titled "Jake the ..." The second being "Jake the Dad" and the third being "Jake The Brick."

Cultural references

  • Prismo refers to "The Monkey's Paw," a short story written by W. W. Jacobs, where a couple finds a magical monkey paw that grants three wishes, but never as expected or desired, usually with very bad and ironic consequences. In the story, the couple wishes for money, but immediately receives it from the insurance company following an accident that suddenly killed their son. After the funeral, the mother then tearfully wishes that their son come back to life. They hear a knock at the door, but the father knows that the paw has returned their son to life not as they hoped: after being grotesquely mutilated by the accident and buried in the ground for a week. Before his wife can open the door, he wishes that his son remained dead. The wife opens the door to find nothing there.
  • The way all of the crown gems fly away in every directions in the sky after Jake's wish is granted is very similar to how the Dragon balls from the manga Dragon Ball get dispersed after a wish is granted by Shenron the Dragon.

Episode connections

  • This episode is the continuation of "The Lich" and "Finn the Human".
  • Jake wishes for a sandwich, similar to the wish he makes in "The Limit". He also asked for one in "Dungeon" when showing the challenges he went through.
  • Ice King suspecting Gunter of stealing his jewels continues a suspicion he had with the penguin after the events of "Reign of Gunthers."
  • The green oozy concoction that Farmworld Jake was found in was also the same green concoction from the episode "Mortal Folly." In "Mortal Folly," The Lich was mixing up an evil green potion to overthrow the world and take over the universe.
  • When Marceline returns to the cave just before the bomb goes off, Simon's skeleton is seen wearing the crown, however this would be impossible, since Finn using its magic is what causes the bomb to go off. This "error" is later explained in the episode "Crossover".

Storyline analysis

  • Farmworld Jake becomes the Lich after being exposed to the green substance, so Finn's wish for the Lich to never exist was not granted.
    • It should be noted that Finn may not have been specific enough with his wish, because his wish prevent the Lich from rising from the Mushroom Bomb during the war; it would not prevent someone else from later becoming an entity with substantial similiarities, and would only prevent the Lich that currently existed in Finn's timeline.


  • When the gem returns to Embryo Princess's crown, the gem is shown to be blue, but in "The Lich," the gem is shown to be red.
  • The color of the upper half of Farmworld Finn's backpack changes between the previous episode and this episode.
  • LSP's gem is also seen flying back, even though it was never actually used to open the portal in "The Lich."  
  • When Finn and Jake return back to Ooo, which takes place seconds after their departure in "The Lich," a Gumball Guardian is seen sitting down and blowing bubbles, whereas at the end of "The Lich" it was standing behind Princess Bubblegum.
  • The buttons of the spa bath change places and disappear.
  • After the portal closed itself, 10 gems were left; when Finn and Jake came back there were 7.
  • When the Cosmic Owl sets down the board games, they move back.

Production notes

  • This episode was leaked online along with "Finn the Human" before it aired.
  • The Cosmic Owl is voiced by M. Emmet Walsh instead of Jeremy Shada in this episode. Walsh also removed the Owl's Dr. Phil-esque voice.



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