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Jalapeño Pepper is a Flame Person who has a minor role in "Ignition Point". Finn and Jake mistake him for Furnius due to his apparent hiss voice, but he points out that a snake on Finn's shoulder is the source of the sound. He then chases after Finn and Jake, believing they are giant blueberries and wanting to chop them into bite-sized pieces.

Appearance Edit

Jalapeño Pepper looks like a red pepper. He has a yellowish stem as a nose. Like most characters, he has two black dot eyes. Also, because he is a chef, he wears a tall, white cooking hat.

Quotes Edit

Now to chop you two big blueberries into small, bite-sized blueberries.

—"Ignition Point"

Psh, actors.

—"Ignition Point"

I don't have a hiss voice! There's a snake on your shoulder.

—"Ignition Point"