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Jeremy Shada (born January 21, 1997 in Boise, Idaho[1]) is an American teen actor, singer and rapper. His brothers are Josh Shada and Zack Shada, also voice actors. He is currently voicing Finn on the animated television show Adventure Time. He also voiced the Squirrel in the episode "The Duke," and the Cosmic Owl, but only in "Prisoners of Love." In "To Cut a Woman's Hair," he voices Princess Beautiful.


  • To date, Jeremy Shada has voiced the most episodes. The only episodes he had no part in voicing were the original animated short, "Bad Little Boy," "Sky Witch," "Bad Timing," "The Prince Who Wanted Everything," "Little Brother," "Princess Day," "The Diary," "Varmints," and "Cherry Cream Soda."
  • His brother, Zack Shada, was the voice of Pen in the original animated short. His brother voiced Pen with a high-pitched voice, while Jeremy gives Finn a medium-pitched voice and is getting deeper through age.
  • Jeremy Shada has appeared on the television show Lost as "Young Charlie."
  • He plays a small part in ParaNorman, a stop-motion animated film from the creators of Coraline.
  • He played the role of Porridge in the Cartoon Network television show, Chowder.
  • He starred in a music video called "Running Errands With My Mom" for the cancelled Cartoon Network show "Incredible Crew." [1]
  • He also performed a fan version of Justin Bieber's song "Baby" in a video directed by Zack Shada. [2]
  • He performed in a duet cover with Chloe Peterson of the song "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliat. [3]
  • According to his official Facebook page, he is 5'8" tall.
  • He has an upcoming role in the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie as a "Howard Nixon."
  • He appeared in the "Hall Of Game Awards 2014" as the host for the Mascot Games.
  • Jeremy Shada also had a small role in the movie Team America: World Police. He provided the voice of Jean Francois, the small French boy at the very beginning of the movie.
  • He is part of a new band, Make Out Monday, consisting of his brother and three other friends.[2]


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