Jesse Moynihan is an artist who has created the storyboards for Adventure Time starting in the second season with episodes such as "Crystals Have Power," "The Silent King," "Sons of Mars," "Mystery Dungeon," and "The Pit." He also does various works of promotional art for the show, and has helped with character designs as well.

Jesse also has his own webcomic, called Forming, that he has been developing since 2009. He has an upcoming animated series, Manly, through Cartoon Hangover.[1] He left Adventure Time on the 18th of July in 2015. [2]

He is a part of a band named Make a Rising. He wrote "Journal Song" in "Marceline's Closet" and "Goblin Song" in "The Silent King," both of which he also storyboarded.

On July 17, 2015, Adam Muto announced via Twitter that Jesse was leaving the show to pursue other careers.[3]

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