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Kim Kil Whan
Name Kim Kil Whan
Sex Male
Biological age 30
Actual age 1 (as of "Ocarina")
Species 1/2 Rainicorn
1/4 Dog
1/4 Shape-shifter

Jake (father)
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Lady Rainicorn (mother)
Joshua (grandfather)†
Margaret (adoptive grandmother)†
Shape-shifter (biological grandparent)
Bob Rainicorn (grandfather)
Ethel Rainicorn (grandmother)
Jermaine (half uncle)
Finn (adoptive uncle)
Unnamed great-grandmother mentioned in "Ignition Point"
Charlie (sister)
Jake Jr. (sister)
Viola (sister)
T.V. (brother)
Pat (wife)
Bronwyn (daughter)

Introduced in "Paper Pete" (mentioned)

"Jake the Dad" (actual)

Latest appearance "Hoots"
Voiced by Maria Bamford (young)
Marc Evan Jackson (adult)

Kim Kil Whan is a dog/shape-shifter/rainicorn hybrid and is one of Jake and Lady's five children. His name in Korean is 김길환, and he was named after the founder of overseas animation studio Saerom.[1]

Kim Kil Whan is a very successful businessman, who lives in a tall, luxuriously-appointed house in a far corner of Ooo. Finn notes it is like "a fairy tale." In contrast to his free-spirited father, Kim Kil Whan is extremely serious, and sometimes attempts to discipline Jake to make him more responsible. In "Ocarina," he does this by buying out the deed to Finn and Jake's Tree Fort from Marceline in exchange for a lunatic bass guitar, then rents it out as thirty-seven apartments to force Jake to get a job and "grow up." He finally trades the deed back for a (non-working) ocarina Jake says he can use to think of his dad's love whenever he "plays" it. Kim Kil Whan is also married to a bear named Pat and they have a daughter named Bronwyn.


Kil Whan has a very long, reddish-orange body, similar to Hot Dog Princess, but with physical traits inherited from his parents. Kil Whan has a relatively long body like Lady Rainicorn, making him the largest of all the pups, and a face that perfectly resembles Jake's, but with a short white horn. At the end of the episode "Jake the Dad," Jake states that Kil Whan has grown a beard due to his early aging.



Kim Kil Whan's personality is the opposite of his father. In "Ocarina," he tries his best to get Jake to act responsibly more like a father should be, by getting him to move out the treehouse, and look for a job. By the end of the episode, he learns to love his dad just the way he is.


Kim Kil Whan respects his mother and they're both on good terms. However, they seem to always disagree on Jake (his dad), who to them, rarely visits.

The pups

Kim Kil Whan's strict personality and responsible behavior often bores his brother and sisters. And since he is the most mature one, he never agrees to anything they say.


Finn is Kim Kil Whan's adoptive uncle. There is not much interaction between the two, however, in "Ocarina" he also wanted Finn to mature and get a job, alongside Jake.


Kim Kil Whan's wife, first introduced in "Ocarina". Little is known of their relationship, but she was shown to be supportive of his efforts to get Jake to mature. Their daughter, Bronwyn, was pictured on their end table at the end of the episode and has yet to make an appearance.


Kim Kil Whan briefly interacted with Marceline in "Ocarina," where he had traded a lunatic bass guitar to her in exchange for the deed to the Tree Fort.


  • Kim Kil Whan can fly.
  • Like his other siblings, he can also teleport.
  • He can also teleport other people to wherever he wants.
  • He possesses his mother's ability to colorize different objects.
  • He also has the ability to stretch his body as shown when he forms the super pup, becoming the arms and most of the torso.

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Minor appearances



수학! [suhag!]

—"Jake the Dad"

아빠 몸체이동![abba momche idong!]
Move Dad into body!

—"Jake the Dad"

무지개 뱅! [mujigae baeng!]
Rainbow bang!

—"Jake the Dad"

It's time for you to get real, get a job, no more games.

—Kim Kil Whan explaining to Jake to get serious in "Ocarina"


  • Kim Kil Whan is the only pup without rainbow stripes and/or pastel colors on his body.
  • Kim Kil Whan is hinted to be afraid of snakes as shown in Hoots.
  • According to Steve Wolfhard, Kim Kil Whan seems to work in an office of some sort after leaving home.[2]
  • Kim Kil Whan has a bear for a wife.
  • A statue of the King of Ooo is seen at Kim Kil Whan's house, implying he is a follower of the King.
  • In issue #33 of the Adventure Time comic book, a future version of Jake mentions to Finn that Kim Kil Whan is letting Jake live in his basement "again." However, this is not canon to the show.


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