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Kim Kil Whan
S5e44 Kim Kil Whan
Name Kim Kil Whan
Sex Male
Age 30 (biologically)
Around 1 year (actually)
Species Dog / Rainicorn

Jake (father)
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Lady Rainicorn (mother)
Joshua (grandfather)†
Margaret (grandmother)†
Bob Rainicorn (grandfather)
Ethel Rainicorn (grandmother)
Jermaine (uncle)
Finn (adoptive uncle)
Charlie (sister)
Jake Jr. (sister)
Viola (sister)
T.V. (brother)

Introduced in "Jake the Dad"
Latest appearance "Apple Wedding"

Kim Kil Whan is a dog/rainicorn hybrid and is one of Jake and Lady's five children. His name in Korean is 김길환 in honor of Whan Kim, the founder of overseas animation studio Saerom.[1]


Kil Whan has a very long, reddish-orange body, similar to Hot Dog Princess, but with physical traits inherited from his parents. Kil Whan has a relatively long body like Lady Rainicorn and a face that perfectly resembles Jake's, but with a short white horn. At the end of the episode "Jake the Dad," Jake states that Kil Whan has grown a beard due to his early aging.


  • Kim Kil Whan can fly.
  • Like his other siblings, he can also teleport.
  • He possesses his mother's ability to colorize different objects.
  • He also has the ability to stretch his body as shown when he forms the super pup, becoming the arms and most of the torso.

Episode appearances



수학! [suhag!]

—"Jake the Dad"

아빠 몸체이동![abba momche idong!]
Move Dad into body!

—"Jake the Dad"

무지개 뱅! [mujigae baeng!]
Rainbow bang!

—"Jake the Dad"


  • Kim Kil Whan is the only pup without rainbow stripes and/or pastel colors on his body.
  • Kim Kil Whan is the only pup who doesn't walk on hind legs.



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