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Knife storm

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Knife storm
Name Knife storm
Type Storm
Location Land of Ooo
Introduced In "Rainy Day Daydream"

A knife storm appears in the episode "Rainy Day Daydream." It is similar to a normal storm, but it rains knives instead of water. It is apparently a rare occurrence, as Finn had never seen one before (though Jake knew what it was). Finn calls the Knife Storm "beautiful" right before Jake pulls him into the Tree Fort for shelter.

All of the knives appear exactly the same and it is unknown where so many identical knives could come from. It can only be assumed that magic is involved. Knife storms are possibly part of the post-apocalyptic aftermath of the Mushroom War. A Knife Storm is possibly a weapon designed to form and drop knives at enemies beneath, or possibly a hurricane(s) could have been struck by magic, that would gather and rain knives as an ongoing phenomenon. It can be assumed that during The Great Mushroom War, hundreds of thousands of weapons were manufactured, including knives.


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