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"Candy Streets"
Season 5, episode 25
Production code: 1014-133
Airdate: June 24, 2013
Director: Elizabeth Ito (supervising)
Nick Jennings (art)
Story: Kent Osborne
Pendleton Ward
Adam Muto
Written &
storyboarded by:
Luke Pearson
Somvilay Xayaphone
"Another Five More Short Graybles"
"Wizards Only, Fools"
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"Candy Streets" is the twenty-fifth episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It is the one hundred and twenty-ninth episode overall.


When Lumpy Space Princess reports something being taken from her without revealing what, Finn and Jake investigate the Candy Kingdom for the object and culprit.


The episode begins when Finn and Jake in the Candy Castle. They are playing with cats in suits, with Princess Bubblegum following them, and go into one of the rooms of the palace, but are interrupted by Lumpy Space Princess who claims she was robbed, and the thief stole something she could not live without. After Finn and Jake try to calm her down, Princess Bubblegum enters the room with an abnormally large syringe filled with green liquid. Princess Bubblegum then injects Lumpy Space Princess with the liquid, which is revealed to work as a tranquilizer. Lumpy Space Princess tries to explain but can only utter what sounds to be "Pete Sa—" before she faints. Finn and Jake then try to get clues from Lumpy Space Princess, but all they turn up with is a key. The key leads to her room in what is thought to be a hotel, room 303.

When the two arrive, they bust down the door, and quickly investigate. Finn notices a drug store near by, then finds what appears to be blood on the floor, and asks BMO to find out whose blood it is. Finn realizes the murderer must have bought a medium adhesive bandage afterwards, so Jake turns into a car and the two burst through the window. In the Candy Drugstore, Ann is suspiciously selling bandages to a candy person. Finn introduces him and Jake, who shapeshifts into a badge, and asks if anyone suspicious bought bandages. She then rants about this person, who had a nose bleed. She said his name was Pete Sassafras, and he was headed for a train at station five at 11:27. Finn and Jake are playing around, but they still hear what she has to say, then leave to find Pete.

At the train station, they find station five, then look for suspicious people. They see Pete, who is boarding the train. They go after him, only to be stopped by cops, who try to arrest them for boarding the train without a ticket. Jake explains what they are doing, then the cop holding Jake licks him, saying that they are off the hook. Jake turns into a car once more, and swallows up Finn so he can drive. They take an alternate route to catch up with the train, but end up crashing into trees, deer, and even going through a river, but they catch up. The two brothers get into the back of the train, and find Pete sitting in a booth, acting suspicious as they question him. Jake then turns into handcuffs, and they arrest Pete. 

In the Candy Dungeon, Finn and Jake are standing near the captured Pete. They ask him a few questions, but all they turn up with is that Pete does not even know who Lumpy Space Princess is. Pete demands a lawyer, who Jake then stretches into. They begin to laugh, blowing the cover. After sometime, the two leave to get some donuts.

Outside, Finn tosses Jake, who is int he form of a car a bag of donuts with a cup of coffee inside. They begin to talk about the case, when BMO finds them and tells them about the blood. He says he found out to was tomato sauce, and then Finn begins to piece together the puzzle. He then come up with that Lumpy Space Princess was not saying Pete Sassafras, but actually Pizza Sassy's, a pizza parlor. Finn and Jake rush to the parlor and asked an employee for the pizza delivery guy (called Pete), but are told that Pete is out delivering pizzas. Finn calls Princess Bubblegum to tell her to add Banana Guards outside Lumpy Space Princess's hospital, but she tells him that Lumpy Space Princess has gone back to her hotel room. Finn and Jake hurry to the hotel and at the moment they arrived they in front of the hotel, they see Pete's pizza delivery car in parked in front of it.

Hurrying to Lumpy Space Princess's room, they hear Lumpy Space Princess grunting and shouting. Jake kicks the door open and sees Lumpy Space Princess on top of Pete. Pete asks for help and tells them that he "was just delivering the pizzas she ordered, and now she won't let [him] leave." Finn asks Lumpy Space Princess what is going on and tells him that Pete stole her heart and starts to sob. Finn and Jake remove Pete under Lumpy Space Princess, but Pete complains afterwards because he did not get a tip. The episode ends with Jake transforming into a car and telling Finn that "the only case here is just another case of LSP being nutty," as Finn and Jake smash the window of her hotel room again.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • When Ann is getting the empty jar down, on the far right of the screen, there is a bottle with Norse runes on the label; they possibly spell out "Eelaei." Norse runes are also on the yellow carton next where the jar was sitting; they possibly spell out "Apreil."
  • The station looks busier and more complex than it had been on "Mystery Train."

Cultural references

  • This episode is a tribute to crime dramas such as Law & Order and The Wire.
    • The transition from the drug store to the train station and in the previews of the episode had the noise similar to when a scene transitions on Law & Order.
    • The train station appears to be loosely based on Grand Central Terminal,  a location frequently used in Law & Order.
  • When the cats are in the suits with a suitcase, this is similar to the character, Business Cat, from Cartoon Hangover's YouTube show, Our New Electrical Morals.
  • The cats Finn and Jake are playing with in the exposition resemble Box Prince, who is a cat from a later episode.
  • In the Candy Drugstore behind Ann there is katakana (Japanese) on the glass that reads ファーマシー?, meaning "pharmacy."
  • Jake turns into a pipe that Finn inserts into his mouth. This is a reference to Sherlock Holmes.
  • Finn and Jake buying donuts and coffee is reminiscent to the cops and donuts stereotype.
  • The car that Jake transforms to is a 1980 Isuzu Gemini Coupe. Only thing is that the steering wheel was mounted on the right side which most Australian/Japanese cars have.

Episode connections

  • Several connections to "Mystery Train" appear in this episode, including the return of the Candy Kingdom's train system (and many of the former passengers) and Jake transforming into a person (such as he did as "The Conductor").
  • In the scene where Finn and Jake are arrested for trespassing in the subway station, a Gingerbread person resembling Gingerbread Rebecca can be seen on the top left of where Jake is, which was first found in "Fionna and Cake."
  • Pete Sassafras reads a copy of "The Ooo Review" newspaper while on the train, which is first seen being read by Finn in "Slow Love".


  • On the train, Pete Sassafras has 4 fingers, but when he is in the candy dungeon he has 5 fingers, and then back to 4 fingers later.
    S5e25 miscolored newspaper

    Error next to the cat

  • Part of the newspaper Pete Sassafras is reading on the train is miscolored in one shot.
  • When PB is running to give Lumpy Space Princess the vaccination, she is wearing shoes, even though she normally does not.
  • When Finn calls Princess Bubblegum on the phone at Pizza Sassy's, he makes noises that sound like he is inputting a number on a touch-tone phone. However, the telephone he uses is a rotary dial telephone, and would not have had any buttons to press, had he actually chosen to do so, instead of just making the noises. Oddly enough, his call is successful, despite not having actually dialed a number.

Production notes

  • This episode was originally going to be called "LSP Gets Robbed."

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