Lemon People (also known as Lemon Children) were mostly created by the Earls of Lemongrab, excluding the Earls themselves who were created by Princess Bubblegum. Four of the children that the Lemongrabs referred to by name are Lemonjon, Seed-Wad, Plop-Top, and Lemonhope. In "Too Old," a Lemon Person seated next to Finn at dinner had a place card that read "DUKE SUCK-LEMON."


When Princess Bubblegum accidentally left behind the secret formula for creating candy life, the two Lemongrabs mistakenly believed that Princess Bubblegum wanted them to make all of their food into "More family." In the process of bringing to life a large group of strange-looking lemon people, the Earls nearly starved to death along with their new children due to using up all of their food.

In "Too Old" the non-royal lemon people were all seen wearing shock collars, most likely put on them by the Earl of Lemongrab since he had the shock controller. Badlemonnohope was later freed by Lemongrab 2 and subsequently assisted by Princess Bubblegum, Finn, and the rest of the Lemon People by piling up so he could jump over the front wall.

In "Lemonhope Part 1" and "Lemonhope Part 2" the Earl transformed the earldom into a totalitarian city-state; putting up watch towers and barbed wire to ensure no escape. The Lemon People were treated horribly and were punished if they tried to escape. When Lemonhope returned to the earldom, he played his harp and the music blew up the Earl. The people were freed, and Princesses Bubblegum stitched up the remaining pieces of the two earls and created Lemongrab 3.

In "The Mountain", it was revealed that under the rule of Lemongrab 3, the Lemon People lived and worked in harmony.


The Lemon People have varied appearances, resembling animals, plants, and fungi more than humanoids. They are mostly yellow and resemble lemons in some way while others are green and likely are supposed to be limes. Most of them are chubby. All of the Lemon People seen thus far have been male, with the exception of their gender-swapped continuity counterparts.

Notable Lemon People


Most Lemon People speak in monosyllabic grunts or shrieks then actually talk. They also seem to be unintelligent, though that could just be their lemon-based personalities. Lemonjon is shown otherwise, and another Lemon Person, before being devoured by Lemongrab, screams, "Remember Lemonhope!" proving that some of them are indeed capable of speech. The Lemon People are loyal to their Earls and support their ideas. Lemonjon showed concern for the rest of his siblings and his fathers. The ones that have tails are shown to wag them when they're happy. In "Too Old," they apparently have the ability to feed themselves without assistance from their parents. They are also given jobs and uniforms. There is one other Lemon Person who doesn't seem to conform to the general lemonistic ways besides Lemonjon: Lemonhope. Lemonhope acts like what most humans would consider normal, not lemony at all, and is said to be very gifted.


The Lemongrabs

Lemongrab and Lemongrab 2 love their children, and refer to them as "family" and their "children," and borrow a phrase from Jake by referring to them as "our boys." They do not want their children to worry about them while they are away, so they make a point to alert them of their departure. They seem very affectionate with them, and they seem to return it. The Lemongrabs see themselves as the fathers of this entire species. According to the screenshot of Lemongrab's brain, the Earls affectionately call their children their "little pooters."


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