Lemon Pope

Lemon Pope is the head of the Lemongrab religion (whatever that may be). He first appears in the episode Too Old where he is seen sitting next to The Earl of Lemongrab, mindlessly staring and pondering the passage of space and time.


Lemon Pope wears a white gown with a white and gold robe around his shoulders. He also has a cream bishops hat with a lemon on the front. Lemon Pope has lime green skin which may indicate that he is a lime rather than a lemon.


All quotes are totally inaudible. However, it was found that if you have a DVD of the episode: Too Old you can make out that Lemon Pope can talk. This was discovered by students at the university of Moscow. If you rub salt against the disc, dip it in holy citrus acid and put it in the DVD player upside down, the video and audio comes out in G major and the background sounds are extra loud whilst the main dialogue is almost silent. At the scene at the dinner table you can just about here the following in a whisper scream voice:

"He died for our Citrus" -Lemon Pope