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Lemongrab (Earldom)
Type Earldom
Ruler Lemongrab 3
Lemongrab 2 (previous)
Earl of Lemongrab (previous)
Location Candy Kingdom
Notable inhabitants Earl of Lemongrab
Lemon Camel
Lemongrab 2
Lemon Pegasus
Lemon Children
Lemongrab 3

Lemongrab, also known as the Lemon Earldom, is an earldom that lies near the Candy Kingdom in the Land of Ooo. The earldom was originally ruled and inhabited by the Earl of Lemongrab. Currently, the leader of the earldom is Lemongrab 3.


Although the exact origins of Lemongrab remain unknown, it is likely that that the earldom was built by Princess Bubblegum after she realized that her failed experiment, later known as the Earl of Lemongrab, would not make a suitable successor for the Candy Kingdom. The earldom provided the dual purpose of providing shelter for the Earl while isolating him from the rest of the Candy People.

In "You Made Me," the Earl began to feel lonely and expresses the desire to have citizens in his earldom. In an attempt to help her creation, Princess Bubblegum sends the notorious Pup Gang to be the Earl's subjects under the condition that they be compensated for their work and be given complete amnesty for their past crimes. However, the gang's poor behavior leads to their imprisonment and torture by the Earl. After sending Finn and Jake to rescue the Pup Gang, the Princess realizes that the Earl requires a companion that he can relate with. From this, Princess Bubblegum provides the Earl with a twin brother and the two Lemongrabs lived happily in the earldom.

In "All Your Fault," the Lemon Earldom undergoes a great famine when the Earl and his twin deplete its entire candy food supply on the creation of Lemon People. The Lemongrabs request that Princess Bubblegum send more candy and, in response, she sends Finn and Jake with candy seeds to allow the earldom to grow new food. However, upon delivering the seeds, the Lemongrabs immediately use them to create another Lemon Person, ruining their chances of replenishing their candy supply. The Lemongrabs then decide to invade the Candy Kingdom and use its candy supplies to build an army that can plunder the remaining candy in Ooo for consumption. They use the giant Lemonjon to move the Lemon Castle and its residents towards the Candy Kingdom to carry out their invasion. However, Finn and Jake manage to restart the giant's heart, allowing him to feel emotions. Lemonjon concludes that the best way to help his people without hurting the Candy Kingdom is to break himself down into lemon candy for his people. Lemonjon's death also results in Lemongrab being moved closer to the Candy Kingdom.

When Princess Bubblegum and Finn are invited to a formal dinner to Lemongrab in "Too Old," the earldom appears to be more civilized than it had been in the past. However, on closer inspection, the earldom is in a state of disrepair, and the citizens are controlled by shock collars, making them closer to slaves than anything else. Unrest occurs in the earldom when the Princess and Finn find Lemonhope, a gifted Lemon child, and free him from Lemongrab with the help of Lemongrab 2 and the rest of the Lemon People.

In retaliation for aiding in the escape of Lemonhope, the Earl swallows his twin and the earldom officially becomes a totalitarian city-state. By "Lemonhope Part 1" and "Lemonhope Part 2," the living conditions for the Lemon People have deteriorated and entry or exit is prohibited in the earldom. However, Lemonhope returns to the earldom and, with the aid of Lemongrab 2 and the Lemon People, force the Earl to explode by subjecting him to harp music. With the death of the Earl and his twin, Princess Bubblegum constructs a new leader, Lemongrab 3, from the parts of the previous Lemongrabs. She also asks that Lemonhope become the champion of the earldom while the new Lemongrab recovers, but the Lemon Child refuses the offer and departs for many years.

By "The Mountian" is indeed true that Lemonhope didn't returned to Earldom thus let Lemongrab 3 as new leader of Earldom, And long with dramatically changes to Earldom that they begin built lot of homes for their people and now got jobs to keep Earldom up float to prevented previous problems from earlier.


As a subordinate territory to the Candy Kingdom, the Lemon Earldom lies nearby the kingdom along the edges of the Cotton Candy Forest. The earldom, which mainly consists of a castle, was originally located on the summit of a flat-topped hill. There was a great difference in elevation around the earldom to the point that it looked like it was floating in the clouds. A series of narrow natural roads and rope bridges led to the entrance to the earldom. There were several pink trees there, however they were recolored green in "All Your Fault".

The Lemon Earldom is currently much closer to the Candy Kingdom after it was moved by Lemonjon during the earldom's attempt to plunder the kingdom's candy. In "Too Old," a forest encompassed the area around the earldom and a mountain range could be seen behind it. However, by "Lemonhope Part 1" and "Lemonhope Part 2," the land around the earldom has been cleared and it now lies on a large grassy open field.

Castle Lemongrab

Main article: Castle Lemongrab

Castle Lemongrab only known structure within the Lemon Earldom. It was once the home to the Earl of Lemongrab, Lemongrab 2, and the Lemon People. However, after the death of the Lemongrabs, the Castle is currently inhabited by the Lemon People and Lemongrab 3, their new ruler. The castle is mostly dull shades of gray and yellow, but there are live lemon trees inside its walls, along with minimalist, muted, green and yellow decor.


Originally consisting of a single individual, the population of the earldom has increased over the course of its history. Currently, the Lemon People make up the entire population of Lemongrab, and most live exclusively within the walls of the Lemon Castle.

The living conditions in the Lemon Earldom have generally been poor. During earldom's famine, the Lemongrabs' addiction to the creation of life depleted its entire candy supply. The Lemon People, although loved to an extent, were left to wander and starve in the earldom.

However, once the famine ended, various fields of work, such as security and entertainment, began to appear in the Lemon Earldom, making the condition of its society look better. Some Lemon People, such as Duke Suck-Lemon, seemed to hold titles and rights that resembled royalty in other states. Despite this, all residents were forced to wear a shock collar, allowing them to be easily controlled and tormented by the Earl of Lemongrab.

After Lemonhope's rescue, the Lemon Earldom became a totalitarian city-state. The Earl enslaved the Lemon People for aiding in Lemonhope's escape and enforced strict societal obedience. Numerous chain gangs were formed to perform manual labor for the Earl, such as smashing harps. The earldom developed strict isolationist policies that prevented anyone from entering or leaving its boundaries. The Lemon People were in torment by their ruler and individuals who were guilty of breaking the law were often consumed by the Earl.

Currently, the situation in the Lemon Earldom is unknown, but it can be assumed that life has improved for the Lemon People with the death of the original Earl of Lemongrab. Princess Bubblegum also implemented a new ruler (As later revealed be Lemongrab 3), a combination of the pieces from the previous Lemongrabs. And started to rebuild Earldom, As in "The Mountain" that Earldom now improves the previous problems with building homes and creating new and pre-existed jobs like more improving security and now pre-industrial working conditon for Lemongrab 3 and Lemon people.

Near the end of "Lemonhope Part 2," the Lemon Earldom is seen roughly a thousand years into the future. Like the Candy Kingdom nearby, the earldom seems abandoned and devoid of life.


  • In the storyboards, Lemongrab refers to his earldom as "Lemongrab" and abbreviates it as "LG."
  • According to Lemongrab's ill-defined and improvisational system of law, insubordination is punishable by four to three units of juice in Lemongrab's "reconditioning chamber." Trespassing in Lemongrab is punishable by ten units of juice, and attempting to refuse this punishment is punishable by twelve units.
  • Lemongrab refers to the surrounding of Lemongrab as "lemongrounds" in the storyboards.


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