Earldom of Lemongrab (better known as Lemongrab) is an earldom ruled over by The Earl of Lemongrab. It is located in the Land of Ooo and is a subordinate territory to the Candy Kingdom, which means that the Earl of Lemongrab has to submit to the authority of Princess Bubblegum. The earldom consists of Castle Lemongrab, the small mountain on which it rests, and the surrounding area of trees and grass. After the events of "All Your Fault," its location changed to being only a few minutes away on foot from Princess Bubblegum's castle.


Upon learning of the accident that caused Princess Bubblegum to become younger than him, the Earl left Lemongrab to rule the Candy Kingdom. Once she reverted to her normal age, Lemongrab was fired and returned to his castle. The Earl remained in his castle for over a year, before returning to the Candy Kingdom to seek out companionship. After leaving again for three days, he came back for one day in which he tried to be with people again, and Princess Bubblegum unsuccessfully tried to show him the ways of the Candy People. Lemongrab panicked and once again left to return to Castle Lemongrab, where he then lived happily with his clone, Lemongrab 2, and their Lemon Children.

Lemongrab later appeared in "Too Old," with the castle severally damaged and in disarray. Under the rule of the first Lemongrab, its citizens now wore collars that electrified. When Badlemonnohope escaped to the Candy Kingdom with Princess Bubblegum, the Earl of Lemongrab put up watch towers and barbed wire to ensure no escape, and converted the earldom into a totalitarian city-state.

When Lemonhope returned to the earldom, he played his harp and the music blew up the Earl. Princess Bubblegum later stitched the remaining pieces of Lemongrab 1 and 2 creating Lemongrab 3. Eventually the earldom would turn back to normal under the rule of Lemongrab 3. In "The Mountain" the earldom seems to be in much better condition, and the Lemon Children are living and working in harmony.

Castle LemongrabEdit

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Castle Lemongrab lies within the Lemongrab boundaries. It is where the Earl of Lemongrab and Lemongrab 2 formerly lived, and currently where Lemongrab 3 lives. The castle is mostly dull shades of gray and yellow, but there are live lemon trees inside its walls, along with minimalist, muted, green and yellow decor. In the events of "All Your Fault," the castle showed major differences. Where there once was the Throne Room was now occupied by Lemonjon's head. In "Too Old," the interior changed again; it was fancy and elegant. It had a grand staircase and dining room with chandeliers and candelabras.


  • In the storyboards, Lemongrab refers to his earldom as "Lemongrab," and abbreviates it as "LG."
  • According to Lemongrab's ill-defined and improvisational system of law, insubordination is punishable by four to three units of juice in Lemongrab's "reconditioning chamber." Trespassing in Lemongrab is punishable by ten units of juice, and attempting to refuse this punishment is punishable by twelve units.
  • Lemongrab refers to the surrounding of Lemongrab as "lemongrounds" in the storyboards.
  • Prior to the events of "All Your Fault," Castle Lemongrab was quite a long way away from the Candy Kingdom. However, it is now within walking distance to the Candy Castle because of Lemonjon, and Princess Bubblegum intends to keep it this way, so she can keep an eye on the Lemongrabs.