This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Lemonhope Part 2" from season 5, which aired on March 10, 2014.

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[A small cloud rains on Lemonhope's head, putting out the fire. Phlannel Boxingday returns the cloud to its bottle and bends over Lemonhope.]
Phlannel Boxingday: Psst. Lemonhope.
[Lemonhope lifts his head up.]
Phlannel Boxingday: Hey. That's better.
Lemonhope: Who are you?
Phlannel Boxingday: My name's Phlannel Boxingday, and I've been watching you and your hard, hot life in this desert from up there [points] in my cloud trawler. I thought you might need a hand.
Lemonhope: Mm-hmm.
Phlannel Boxingday: Kid, truth be told, you're looking a little raw. You're totally free to come hang out with me until you're feeling stronger.
Lemonhope: [unsure] Mm...
Phlannel Boxingday: It's your choice.
[Lemonhope stands up and gives a thumbs up, nodding.]
Phlannel Boxingday: [patting Lemonhope's hair] Ha-ha, let's go, dude.
[They are now riding Phlannel's cloud trawler above the clouds.]
Phlannel Boxingday: So... read any good books lately?
Lemonhope: Oh, I can't read. They tried to teach me in school, but... mm, I just faked it.
Phlannel Boxingday: Ah-hah... Uh-oh. Hold that thought, buddy. Looks like a Greed Lard's picked up our scent. Dangit, he's a fast one. We can't outrun him, but maybe we can drive him off. I need you to play that flute of yours, Lemonhope. I saw how you rassled those scorpions before. Now play that flute with all your might!
[Lemonhope takes a deep breath and toots the flute. The Greed Lard grimaces and veers left.]
Phlannel Boxingday: Keep it up, Lemonhope. It's working! He's turning off!
[The Greed Lard releases steam out its blowhole.]
Phlannel Boxingday: No, wait. He—he's mad. We've enraged him. He's calling his pack. The harp, Lemonhope! Quick, quick, quick!
[Lemonhope plucks at his harp, soothing the monster and luring it in.]
Phlannel Boxingday: We'll lure the beast into the rocks.
[The dive below the clouds and the bird follows. They fly alongside a rock pillar, and the bird crashes into it. As it falls away, Lemon People fall from its mouth.]
Lemonhope: [gasps]
[The Lemon People continue falling.]
Lemonhope: No! Phlannel! Stop the ship! Stop the ship!
Phlannel Boxingday: What? What for?
Lemonhope: STOP THE SHIP!
[Now on the ground, they walk up to the fallen bird.]
Phlannel Boxingday: You see, Lemonhope? It's not peeps. It's dosh!
Lemonhope: Oh.
Phlannel Boxingday: Greed Lards eat dosh for food, and 'cause we killed it, we get to keep it all. That's my job, Lemonhope. When I'm not out being free and having adventures, I'm killing monsters that eat dosh and then keeping the dosh. And it just so happens that I'm looking for a new apprentice. What do you think about partnering up with old Phlannel Boxingday?
Lemonhope: Oh, my gosh, Phlannel, yes! [laughs] It's a dream come true! [laughs] A dream come true! A dream come true...
[The scene fades into another one of Lemonhope's dreams. A marionette dangling from chains walks by while singing Lemonhope's Song.]
Lemonhope: ♪Poor little Lemonhope. [passing by bones] Throw me a lemon-rope. Is there a home for me and my harp? A place where my [sees a skull] friends... give me hu—?
[An obese Lemongrab chews and moans happily while holding a cow with a bite taken out of it.]
Cow: Hey. Hey... What's going on back there? Somethin' don't feel right. Oh, hey! Lemonhope is here! Hey, man, how's it goin—?
[Lemongrab shoots hooks on chains out of his mouth toward Lemonhope, who turns and runs.]
Cow: Whoa, what the heck?
[Lemonhope pants frantically as he tries to run but goes nowhere.]
Cow: Run for it, Lemonhope! Run, run! C'mon! Why aren't you running?
[Lemonhope looks up and sees himself as the puppeteer, controlling the chains. Lemonhope wakes up, panting, and hits his head on the shelf above his bed. He joins Phlannel above deck, who is holding a bucket in a bow of fire.]
Phlannel Boxingday: Morning, Lemonhope! Hey, is there any more white coal down in the hold? [pulls bucket of diamonds out from the fire] More black diamonds equals more love potions. The old three Rs, y'know what I'm saying? Ro-ro-romance. No, man, I can't wait for some love. It's been so lo— [drops bucket] whoops. Oh, drats. Oh, well. Hey, don't sweat it, buddy. It wasn't your fault.
Lemonhope: It's not that, Phlannel. I had a bad dream.
Phlannel Boxingday: Again? That's the third time this week.
Lemonhope: [sighs] I'm free now, Phlannel, to do all whatevs I ever wanted, but all I think about is my old life. What does it mean?
Phlannel Boxingday: Well, it's true you are free—free to help the Lemon People or leave them be—but a debt unpaid is not easily forgotten. So you are a prisoner still in deinem kopf(in your head).
Lemonhope: Huh. That's what Mistress always said, and I didn't even listen.
Phlannel Boxingday: Ah, Lemonhope, you're a doer, not a listener. You learn with your heart and hands, not your head. So... what will you do, Lemonhope?
Lemonhope: I'll... I'll go back, and I'll help my people, and maybe I'll feel better.
Phlannel Boxingday: [laughs] And how will you do it?
Lemonhope: Um... with my harp [takes out harp] and... my flute! [takes out flute] And help from my friend Phlannel!
Phlannel Boxingday: Nah, little Lemonhope. Of course, I'll take you as far as I can, but I can't interfere directly in Lemongrab politics. All those old pacts and treaties have me sklonked up tighter than a synthetic zanoit sterilizer bed compressor tube enlarger on garbage day.
[Lemonhope waves goodbye as Phlannel flies away on his cloud trawler. He walks but a short distance before it starts raining and he reaches the perimeter of Castle Lemongrab.]
Lemonhope: ♪Lemonhope's family held in Lemongrab's lair. Saving them will save me, but... I am pretty scared.♪
[He walks up to the wall and finds the rope left from the last escape attempt dangling over the ledge. He climbs up and peers over the wall, seeing shackled Lemon People huddled around fires and sleeping in the rain.]
Lemonhope: Hmm... [imagines picking a lock with his harp]
Lemongrab: Looking for something?
Lemonhope: [gasps]
Lemongrab: Well, you found me, fat Lemongrab.
[Lightning strikes. Lemonhope reaches for his harp.]
Lemongrab: Oh, what's that you've got? Ah-ha, your little harp? But what's this? [takes off hood, revealing corked ears] I've got things in my ears tonight! So now I'm invincible!
Lemongrab 2: [from inside Lemongrab] Play it, Lemonhope!
Lemongrab: What? I—speak up, child!
Lemonhope: I didn't say anything.
Lemongrab 2: The harp! Hurry! I'll take care of the rest!
Lemongrab: What?
Lemongrab 2: The harp, Lemonhope! Play it!
Lemongrab: Oh, the harp! Didn't I just explain? I've got things in my—
[Lemongrab 2's arms reach out of Lemongrab's mouth and take the corks out.]
Lemongrab: [gasps] My—my—my things! [reaches inside him for Lemongrab 2, who evades his grasp]
[Several Lemon People chanting "Hope" climb on Lemongrab and hold his arms down.]
Lemongrab: [screams] Let—Let me go! Let me go!
Lemongrab 2: The harp, Lemonhope! The harp!
[Lemonhope strums his harp.]
Lemongrab: [screaming] This sounds awful!
Lemongrab 2: Faster, Lemonhope!
[Lemonhope plays faster.]
Lemongrab 2: Faster, Lemonhope!
Lemongrab: I can't stands no more!
Lemongrab 2: Faster!
[Lemonhope plays faster still.]
Lemongrab: [shaking his head violently] AAAAAAAAAAAAAH—!
[He suddenly explodes, and bits of lemon rain from the sky, along with Lemonhope, who lands on his head with a thud. In Lemonhope's dream, knocking is heard.]
Lemonhope: Hmm?
Lemonhope: Coming! [climbs up steps]
[Knocking continues.]
Lemonhope: Wait, I'm—I'm—I'm coming!
[At the top of the steps is a gray door with no knob. He pushes it; it suddenly opens. On the other side is an expanse of water and some clouds.]
Lemonhope: Hello? H—Hello?
[He climbs up some more stairs to a bird's nest, where he stares out at the mountains and clouds in the distance. The scene changes to Finn playing his flute.]
Princess Bubblegum: You know, I was thinking, Lemonhope. Maybe you'd like to stay here in Lemongrab while Lemongrab recovers. Ever kingdom needs a champion, and you're a true champion if ever I've seen one. Plus, I already set up a little room for you.
Lemonhope: Is he gonna stay like that?
Princess Bubblegum: Like what? [looks at Lemongrab 3, lumpy and covered in stitches] Oh, heh, no, no-no-no-no. Once his brains and bodies remix, he should be back to his lonely old self, which seems to be his only stable relationship model.
Lemongrab 3: Me!
Princess Bubblegum: So will you stay, Lemonhope, and help your people once more?
Lemonhope: Nah, that's okay.
Princess Bubblegum: Oh, but I thought...
Lemonhope: I mean, you guys are cool and all, but I mostly came back here so I could stop thinking about y'all all the time. I'll be back when I'm tired of being free. [walking out] See you in a thousand years, I guess. Peace!
Finn: Wow. I really thought he was gonna stay.
Princess Bubblegum: Me too. I even wrote a song about it.
Finn: [laughs]
Princess Bubblegum: Hey! Don't laugh.
Finn: Let me hear it!
Princess Bubblegum: No! It's terrible.
Finn: Come on!
Princess Bubblegum: No!
Finn: Come on! Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it...
Princess Bubblegum: Gah! Okay, okay.
[As Princess Bubblegum sings "Young Lemonhope," a thousand-year-old Lemonhope walks through what remains of Ooo. He passes the Tree Fort, now taller than the clouds, and the Candy Castle, now in the middle of an abandoned city. He continues walking until he arrives at Castle Lemongrab. He walks through the halls until he finds the room that Princess Bubblegum set up for him. He turns off his bio-suit, gets into the bed, smiles, and closes his eyes.]

Episode ends