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The MOs are a series of robots created at MO Co. by Moe. The first MO to be featured in the show is BMO in "Business Time," then CMO in "Puhoy," then a majority of the MOs in "Be More.", and then all of them in "The More You Moe, The Moe You Know (Part I)", merged as Allmos.

List of known MOs

Image Official Name Prod. No. Basic Description Other details
AMO AMO None Is about twice the size of BMO, designed to receive love but because he couldn't think outside his programming he'd ironically reject it. The prongs on his head were capable of shooting black spheres at enemies. Tried to kill all MOs but ironically just fused them together, was supposedly killed by BMO.
BMO BMO None Finn and Jake's living video game console, was designed to help raise a kid Loyal, trusting, and helpful friend
C-MO CMO None A MO similar to BMO but smaller One of the MOs that helps Moe
S5e28 DMO DMO None Has been seen guarding the front entrance of MO Co. Operates the tram
S5e28 EMO EMO None Assists in the memory wiping of MOs A rectangular bot on caterpillar tracks; uses a lasso
S5e28 FMOport FMO None Has a cross shaped body Has not appeared, but its docking port is seen in the driver installation port bay
S5e28 GMOport GMO None Has a triangular shaped body Has not appeared, but its docking port is seen in the driver installation port bay
S5e28 LMO LMO None Quadrilateral shaped bot with a pole at the top of its surface Some LMOs have a full pyramid shape, likely a hat covers the pole to complete the shape
S5e28 MMO MMO None A MO similar to BMO but larger Helps Moe by carrying him when he needs to be moved; largest known MO
S5e28 OMO OMO None One of the MOs Moe created A spherical bot seen playing a game of jump rope
S5e28 PMO PMO None One of the MOs Moe created Square body similar to BMO, only the tip of its head is a pyramid.
S5e28 QMO QMO None This MO was shown gardening Cylindrical with a circular bulb for a head
S5e28 SMO SMO None Security MO Acts as a security in the factory, they appear much like a computer tower with similar back-ports
S5e28 WMO WMO None One of the MOs Moe created Rectangular body, two nobs on either side of its body
S5e28 Heartmo ♥MO None One of the MOs Moe created Pink rectangular body with oddly human-like, feminine legs wearing red high heels


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  • When Finn and Jake are falling through various floors down to Moe's chamber, one of the rooms shows a dimly red-lit scene containing, among other items, a deactivated MO and a small bed with AMO written at the foot.
  • In the promotional artwork for "In Your Footsteps," BMO is seen playing soccer with a few other MOs, including what appear to be DMO and EMO.
  • The first time they show us the docking ports, DMO's port does not match his shape.
  • Supposedly every MO besides DMO, BMO, and AMO were merged into ALLMO after AMO hacked their network.


Official art

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