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This is a list of notable magic spells used by characters in the Land of Ooo. For a full list of magic users see this page.

Wizard powers

Wizard powers are a set of abilities attained by Finn and Jake in the episode "Wizard" at the Wizard Village. They are acquired by completing various tasks and challenges, most of which are simple things most people could do without practice. Bufo grants the powers to wizard students. The powers are referred to by their level, which coincides with the order they are acquired in. The powers are stored in the robe of the wizard student learning them.

Name Basic Description Image


Dustomancy is the level 1 wizard power. It is a spell that gives the user power over Dust Motes and the ability to read their emotions. This spell is earned by eating a broom stick. S1e11 Dustomancy


Shadowcery is the level 2 wizard power. It is a spell that gives the user the ability to control shadows. By manipulating the shadows, the user can create sentient beings such as the Shadow Horse. Finn attempted to ride the Shadow Horse, but it was incorporeal and he passed straight through it. However, it is highly estimated that Finn could not touch the horse because they are strangers, and the horse replies "No Touchies!" This estimates that if the wizard and his shadow have a strong connection, the Wizard is able to touch the shadow. This ability is earned by fearlessly placing one's hand in a bowl of peeled grapes while blindfolded. (Bufo says they are eyeballs.) Shadow living creatures have personalities of their own, and a shadow is not like it's wizard. S1e11 Shadowcery

Hair Growth

Hair Growth is the level 3 wizard power. It is a spell that causes hair to grow, the limits of which are not made clear. This power is earned by balancing a pencil on one's upper lip. S1e11 Create hair

Generate Mayonnaise

Generate Mayonnaise is the level 8 wizard power. It is a spell that gives the user the ability to generate mayonnaise at will. This power is earned by spinning coins on their side. S1e11 Generate mayonnaise

Beauteous Wings

Beauteous Wings is the level 15 wizard power. It is a spell that gives the user large, golden wings. They also appear in the game "Finn and Jake's Epic Quest" in an Enchiridion page. Also in the game Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!, you can get the Beauteous Wings as a usable item. When used in battle, they let Finn jump much higher than normal. S1e11 Beauteous wings

Vorpal Hand

Vorpal Hand is the level 27 wizard power. It is a spell that transforms the user's hand into a sword. This is an allusion to the Vorpal sword from Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky." In the Adventure Time DS game, the player can gain the Vorpal Hand as a usable item. In battle, it quickens Finn's attack speed. S1e11 Vorpal hand

Create Fireworks

Create Fireworks is the level 31 wizard power. It is a spell that creates fireworks from the user's fingertips. S1e11 Create fireworks

Dragon Eyes

Dragon Eyes is a spell that transforms the user's eyes into those of a dragon. It is unknown how this affects the user's vision. S1e11 Dragon eyes

Tiger Claw

Tiger Claw is a spell that transforms the user's arm into the arm of a tiger. In the Adventure Time DS game, the Tiger Claw is a usable item. It slows Finn's attack speed, but gives him a major increase in damage. S1e11 Tiger claw

Blazing Feet

Blazing Feet is a spell that sets the user's feet on fire (without causing harm). S1e11 Blazing feet


Awaken is a spell that awakens its target. It is also able to bring inanimate objects to life, as demonstrated by the Rock. S1e11 Awaken


Sleep is a spell that puts its target to sleep. Sleep spell


Reflect is a spell that reflects attacks. Jake uses it to reflect Finn's Awaken spell. S1e11 Reflect

Ultimate Magical Hand

Ultimate Magical Hand is the final wizard power. It is a spell that gives the user the ability to create a spectral hand that can lift extremely heavy objects. One gains it by touching the hand of Bufo after learning all the other spells. Ultimate Magic Hand seems to be the most powerful of all the spells. S1e11 Ultimate magical hand

Other spells and abilities

Spells cast verbally

  • Ashicus Flyicus: Allows the user to fly at high speeds and pass through solid matter. It is used by Ash, and it is assumed that one's own name is used in place of the word "Ash" (ex. Finnicus Flyicus, Jakeicus Flyicus).
  • Flame Shield: Protects the user from fire. It is used by Flambo.
  • Go Backicus From Whence You Camicus: Returns whoever it is cast on from where they came. It is used by the Witch.
  • Kee Oth Rama Pancake: Banishes Kee-Oth the demon just by saying it in front of them. It is used by Joshua.
  • Magicus Nomoreicus: Strips whoever it is cast on of all current magical powers, can also be used non-verbally. It is used by the Witch.
  • Maloso Vobiscum et cum Spiritum: Allows user to open the Nightosphere after drawing a happy face and dousing it with bug milk. It is used by Finn and Marceline.
  • Pancake Pancake Pancake: Changes the user into a cat. It is used by Wizard Thief.
  • Razzamafoo: Teleports whoever it is cast on short distances. It can also be used to make the user and target swap places. It is used by Bufo and Witch.
  • Wazoo: Allows the user to switch appearances with another person or teleport. It is used by Magic Man.
  • Zap: Casts a harmful zap. It is used by Ice King and Magic Man.

Other magic abilities

  • Dance Magic: Causes target to dance uncontrollably. It is used by the Baby Pigs.
  • Fire Powers: Ability to conjure up fireballs and flames. It is used by Scorcher, Flame Princess and other Flame People.
  • Flambit Spell: Able to turn Flame People or possibly anyone into a Flambit. It is used by Flame Princess.
  • Force Field Shield: Creates a transparent barrier of unknown strength around the user. It is used by Tree Witch.
  • Healing Powers: Heals anybody who is hurt by touching them. It is used by the Guardian Angel.
  • Hypnosis: Forces the target to follow the user's commands. It is used by The Lich and the King Worm.
  • Ice Powers: Ability to create anything out of ice, especially weapons. Used by Ice King and Ice Queen.
  • Morphing into Fauna: Transforms the user into animals or creatures. It is used by Marceline.
  • Morphing into Flora: Transforms the user into a plant or grow plant organs. It is used by Tree Witch and Hag.
  • Necromancy: Brings dead bodies to life as the user's slaves. It is used by The Lich and Marceline.
  • Power shriek: A powerful shriek that can be performed by a being during a surge of intense emotion. It is still a magic ability, albeit a "shameful" form. It is used by Finn.
  • Stretchy Powers: Allows the user to grow and stretch their bodies. Used by Jake and Cake.
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects by nonphysical means. It is used by Tree Witch and Goliad.
  • Wizard Eyes: It makes a wizard see into the spirit world continuously. It is used by Ice King and possibly Ice Queen.
  • Cat Spell: Turns the target into a cat. Used by the Grand Master Wizard.
  • Ice Ninja: Creates ninja weapons out of ice. Used by Ice King, Finn (formerly), and Jake (formerly).
  • Portal: Two portals are opened, one on each hand, if anything enters one portal, it comes out the other portal. This ability is demonstrated by Magic Man. This ability also allows the wizard to create a portal in the midair that when entered, transports him to a place.
  • Anti-Magic: An ability demonstrated by Bella Noche which negates any and all magic it comes into contact with.

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