Manfried (full title: Manfried the Talking Piñata) makes his first appearance in "Slumber Party Panic." Manfried is a talking piñata that hangs from the ceiling in the main hall in Princess Bubblegum's castle. However, he is shown to move from different hanging spots (like in the episode "What Have You Done?"). He acts as an intercom system for the Candy Kingdom and seems to help out in Princess Bubblegum's castle. He is also seen briefly in the episode "What Have You Done?," in which he tells Princess Bubblegum that she is needed in the castle. In the episode "Too Young," Manfried again acts as an intercom formally announcing Lemongrab's arrival at the Candy Castle by making trumpet sounds. In "Sky Witch" he appears with others as the princess' "trained elite" being taught how to overcome sleeping gas.


Manfried is a typical piñata: donkey-like form and papier-mâché body, colored horizontally with alternating strips of green and pink. Ordinarily, he remains in a single position, only moving his mouth, but he's also able to move his arms and hold a megaphone, despite the fact that he has no fingers.


Manfried is recognizable because of his plain, seemingly emotionless voice; however, he displays a compassionate and friendly personality. He was also in the series preview. Manfried is frightened easily, as shown by his exchange with Finn (below).

Episode appearancesEdit


Finn: It's time to smash some piñatas!
Manfried: Whaaaat??
Finn: Except for you, Manfried!
Manfried: Oh, thank goodness!

—"Slumber Party Panic"

All present and accounted for.

—"Slumber Party Panic"

Gosh, I'm sorry.

—"What Have You Done?"

Announcing the arrival of the Earl of Lemongrab!

—"Too Young"

I handled it.

—"Bad Timing"


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