Lolly (formerly Manfried the Talking Piñata) is humanoid gum person created by Princess Bubblegum to be her aunt.

As Manfried, she was a male talking piñata who would hang from the ceiling in the main hall of Princess Bubblegum's castle, and makes his first appearance as such in "Slumber Party Panic." He acts as an intercom system for the Candy Kingdom and seems to help out in Princess Bubblegum's castle.

He is also seen briefly in the episode "What Have You Done?," in which he tells Princess Bubblegum that she is needed in the castle. In the episode "Too Young," Manfried again acts as an intercom formally announcing Lemongrab's arrival at the Candy Castle by making trumpet sounds. In "Sky Witch" he appears with others as the princess' "trained elite" being taught how to overcome sleeping gas.

Unlike Uncle Gumbald, Aunt Lolly was never mentioned before the episode "Bonnibel Bubblegum", where it is revealed that she was created by Princess Bubblegum when the latter was younger along with Uncle Gumbald and Cousin Chicle.. However, all of Bubblegum's intelligent relative-creations turned against her, as Lolly was in cahoots with Gumbald and his plan to overthrow their creator and build a candy city. In order to be in charge, Gumbald, Lolly, and Chicle formulated the "happy juice", a poison that would make Bonnie docile and simple-minded like Mr. Cream Puff. While the three were celebrating their plan, however, Lolly and Chicle were fooled into eating happy juice cupcakes made by Gumbald. The poison transformed Lolly into the simple-minded piñata Manfried. Lolly remained as Manfried for the next 800 years.

In "Skyhooks II" due to Lumpy Space Princess' anti-elemental lumps reverting everything into its "true shape", Manfried has been turned back into Lolly, her previous self.

Lolly formally unveils her return to Princess Bubblegum in "Seventeen" along with Gumbald and Chicle, crashing Finn's seventeenth birthday party.

Lolly now resides in Gumbald's new city-state Gumbaldia, helping him rule and prepares for the Gum War against in the Candy Kingdom.


Manfried is a typical piñata: donkey-like form and paper-mâché body, colored horizontally with alternating strips of green and pink. Ordinarily, he remains in a single position, only moving his mouth, but he's also able to move his arms and hold a megaphone, despite the fact that he has no fingers.

As Lolly, she appears as a somewhat elderly woman, she is short and slightly overweight. She has a beehive hairdo and wears a tan tunic and brown headband.


As Manfried, he is recognizable due to his plain, seemingly emotionless voice; however, he displays a compassionate and friendly personality. Manfried is frightened easily, as shown by his exchange with Finn (below).

As Lolly she displays a caring side to her niece/creator as she seemingly enjoying spending time with her. However, she had a darker side as she appeared ready to turn on Bonnibel after being manipulated by Gumbald and even found Chicle's cruel remark about the future princess amusing. Lolly appears to be a bit clueless, as after witnessing Chicle transform into a candy person, she ate her cupcake before realizing too late of what it does as she was transformed as well.

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Finn: It's time to smash some piñatas!
Manfried: Whaaaat??
Finn: Except for you, Manfried!
Manfried: Oh, thank goodness!

—"Slumber Party Panic"

All present and accounted for.

—"Slumber Party Panic"

Gosh, I'm sorry.

—"What Have You Done?"

Announcing the arrival of the Earl of Lemongrab!

—"Too Young"

I handled it.

—"Bad Timing"


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