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Name Unknown
Sex Female
Species Human (confirmed in Wondercon 2013)
Relatives Marceline (daughter)
Hunson Abadeer (father of her child, possibly husband[citation needed])
Introduced in "Henchman" (mentioned)
"Everything Stays" (actual; flashback)
Latest appearance "The Dark Cloud" (flashback)
Voiced by Rebecca Sugar

Marceline's mom was briefly mentioned by Marceline in "Henchman" while Finn and Marceline were in the strawberry fields. Marceline claims that when the sun burned her, it reminds her of when she would scrape her knees and her mom would patch her up.

Farmworld Marceline stated that she is half demon, therefore her mother was something other than a demon. At Wondercon 2013, she was confirmed to be a human, which means that she is most likely dead from either the war, or old age.

Marceline's father briefly mentioned Marceline's mother in the Adventure Time Encyclopedia- "Thus, regarding her childhood adventures with her poor, unfortunate mother, there is, now and evermore, naught to be heard but the Shadowfall of Nightospheric Silence."

Marceline's mother is heavily mentioned in Adventure Time: The Enchiridion & Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook. Being so young, Marceline only had a few scarce memories of her mother who mysteriously vanished by the time Simon found her. All that she left behind were two photos of her and Marceline together and a letter placed in Marceline's pocket mentioning Hunson and to keep Marceline safe.

Marceline's mother made her first physical appearance in "Everything Stays" in one of Marceline's flashbacks where she is shown living with her daughter in what seems to be a trailer. She briefly told Marceline about how she met Hunson.

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