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Bonnibel and Marceline - Rasberry - by Natasha Speculation Warning!
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Mrs. Abadeer
Marcelines mother
A picture of Hunson Abadeer, Marceline, and possibly Marceline's mom on the right
Name Mrs. Abadeer
Sex Female
Species Human (confirmed in Wondercon 2013)
Relatives Marceline (daughter)
Hunson Abadeer (husband)
Introduced in "Henchman" (mentioned)
Voiced by Rebecca Sugar

Marceline's mom was briefly mentioned by Marceline in "Henchman" while Finn and Marceline were in the strawberry fields. Marceline claims that when the sun burned her, it reminds her of when she would scrape her knees and her mom would patch her up. This is the only thing that has really been said about Marceline's mother currently.

In "Return to the Nightosphere," one of the background images shows Marceline as a child, Marceline's father, and an unknown female figure with long black hair similar to Marceline's. It could be speculated that this picture is an Abadeer family photo and the unknown female is Marceline's mother.

In "Memory of a Memory, it was speculated that a picture in Marceline's house of a woman with long black hair holding an infant was Marceline's mother. However, it was confirmed that this picture was of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. See Religion of Ooo.

Farmworld Marceline stated that she is half demon, therefore her mother was something other than a demon. At Wondercon 2013, she was confirmed to be a human, which means that she is most likely dead from either the war, or old age.

Marceline's father briefly mentioned Marceline's mother in the Adventure Time Encyclopedia- "Thus, regarding her childhood adventures with her poor, unfortunate mother, there is, now and evermore, naught to be heard but the Shadowfall of Nightospheric Silence."

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