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Season 5Edit

Oh! Forgive me. Hello, your majesty.

—""Bad Little Boy""

I know you're going to say yes to me, so let's just go.

Don't you know I'm a villain? Every night I'm out killin'. Sending everyone running like children. I know why you're mad at me. I've got demon eyes and they're looking right through your anatomy . . .

Not so bad? I'm the son of a demon and the vampire king. It's not something I have to try at.


Did you think I was lying? I said I'm evil, without even trying.

I think this is it for me, Fionna. So why don't you just admit it. You're in love with me.

Glob, Fionna. You're like the realest person I've ever met.

Aw, my cheek meat!

—"Bad Little Boy"

Season 7Edit

Come on, you've been coughing for five days, just take one tablespoon.

Then who am I talking to?.

Well if you're Jack, the I'm Michael.. Dean

—"Five Short Tables"