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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "May I Come In?" from season 7, which aired on November 18, 2015.

Gumbald's Cabin
This transcript is incomplete.


[Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Finn, and Jake are following the trail of glowing orbs left by The Moon. Princess Bubblegum is using a Geiger counter-like device and getting feedback.]
Princess Bubblegum: Mm-hmm. Six and 19...
Finn: One vampire—[stomps on orb and blows a raspberry], two vampire—[stomps on orb and blows a raspberry]. Jake, check me out—I'm a self-sufficient mountain man. [eats orb]
Jake: No! [slaps orb out of Finn's mouth] Don't put that biz in your mouth, man! They could be booby-trapped or poisoned or—
Marceline: Whoa, chill, Jake. These pearls were dropped by The Moon. Her main power is accelerated healing. It'll be like fighting a cutting board.
Jake: Hmm. Okay. Anyways, we should try to find her before—[Finn pushes a pearl against Jake's cheek] No! [pushes it away]
[He and Finn tussle, shoving the pearl into each other's face.]
Marceline: [laughs]
Princess Bubblegum: See, Marcy? Isn't vampire hunting better with friends?
Marceline: Yeah, I guess. I'm just glad Simon is okay.
Jake: Anyway... [dusts himself off] I don't care how easy this vamp's supposed to be. We should hole up somewhere before the sun goes down—It's down. Great.
Princess Bubblegum: Yup. Let's get going. [uses Geiger counter] My vampire thingy is indicating high levels of vampire junk in... [points] this direction. Come on!
[The gang follows Princess Bubblegum's lead. A nearby bush rustles and Crunchy emerges, out of breath. He gasps as King of Ooo, riding a horse and wielding a bow and arrow, jumps out of the bush after him and knocks him on his backside.]
King of Ooo: Ha-ha!
Crunchy: Stop, please!
King of Ooo: Don't be such a nerd, Crunchy. [draws back cotton-tipped arrow] Hunting is the most royal of sports. The people expect it of their princess-king.
Crunchy: I don't think that's tr— [arrow hits him] Ow! [runs away] Aah!
King of Ooo: [clicks tongue] After him, Haydancy!

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