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Name Me-Mow
Sex Female
Species Cat
Occupation 2nd class assassin
Introduced in "Jake vs. Me-Mow"
Voiced by Kyla Rae Kowalewski

Me-Mow is an assassin that appeared as a major character in the episode "Jake vs. Me-Mow." Pendleton Ward has confirmed that Me-Mow is a fan-made character, and is included in the show because "it's so cute and it was drawn by a tiny kid."[1] She is a second-class assassin of the Guild of Assassins and is trying to kill Wildberry Princess to become a full-member assassin. A note was stabbed to Wildberry Princess' doorman, which said, "we are going to assassinate you." During the episode, Me-Mow poisons Jake with a syringe full of green liquid that is capable of killing a dog fifty times the size of Jake. Jake grows his liver to fifty-one times the size of an average dog, stopping the poison. Me-Mow stated when she failed her assassin's test that she would have to wait a year to retake it.


Me-Mow is a tiny white cat with cream/tan colored striped fur. She has large pink eyes, a mouth with pointed teeth, and razor sharp claws. Her tail is unusually long and prehensile, and she used it to carry a test tube of red liquid, which is an antidote to her poison. Her tail can puff up during attack mode. She carries a syringe, that has a picture of her face on it, filled with green poison. She keeps a dagger in her mouth or throat.


Besides her skills with stealth, as well as having a hidden dagger inside her mouth, she is extremely agile - able to jump great heights and scale objects with ease. She is also skilled in concealing herself, and is capable of climbing sideways on surfaces.


See Me-Mow/Quotes.


  • After falling off the cliff, Me-Mow appears on the bird, implying that she survived the fall and will probably appear in another episode.
  • Me-Mow did not have a tail in the original drawing.
  • The fan who created Me-Mow is named Gunnar Gilmore.[2]
  • As with most characters of unusual sizes, Me-Mow's size is inconsistent throughout the episode. Her size varies from being as big as Finn's hand to small enough to fit in Jake's nose with plenty of extra space.
  • Me-Mow is wordplay for the sound that cats make (meow).
  • Me-Mow's mouth, when she is in attack position, is round and resembles that of a leech.
  • Me-Mow appeared as "Mow-Me" in the Adventure Time comic, Issue 5, where she appears on Adventure Tim's chart labelled as Lawfully Evil.
  • She is male in the Latin American dubbing.
  • In the official Adventure Time Encyclopædia, Hunson Abadeer breaks the fourth wall by stating, "On an artistic level, Me-Mow's appearance seems primitive, almost as if a child designed her. But I digress." This is probably a reference to the fact that she's a fan-made character.
  • At SDCC, Me-Mow is said to appear again in season 7.


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