"Melons"[1] is a song sung by Finn in the episode "Another Way" after he realizes that he was wrong about making his own path in life.


I was wrong.
Was I wrong?
Yes... Yes...
I was wrong.
How could it be?
I trusted in my guts,
but ended up all nuts.
I was wrong.
How could it be?
Listened to my brain,
But ended up insane.
The melons rolled
Over that lady.
I went too far.
How could it be?
How did I go... too far?


  • It is an auto-tune song, a return to Finn's auto-tune which went on a huge hiatus since "Freak City."
  • This is the only song written for the show by Tom Herpich.
  • The name of the song is sometimes referred to by different names, such as: "Wrong," "Too Far," "melons," "Finn's Wrong Song," and "How Could This Be?" among others. Cartoon Network's official video for this song refers to it as "I Was Wrong."