aka Taco

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is making spreadsheets
  • I am not a scene, but a god damn arms race
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  • MARRY ME WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!!!!! ! ! ! ! >:I oh and I like your picture. :D

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    • Nah, I'm not gonna charge you. Just don't go crazy with the art. I don't need it on the Hungarian black market. So don't stress yourself too much. My English isn't great either, it's a hard language, but you're doing fine. I'm glad we're still best friends, it's nice to meet you Manuela. You can call me Taco if you'd like. 

      Auf Wiedersehen!!!

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    • oh that's so niiiiiiiiice of you, thank you so much!! but I'm already so determined to become the bestest non-native English speaker in the universe so I'll keep practicing. and then you can tell everyone that you're friends with me and they're all going to be SO impressed. and I can tell everyone that I'm friends with Taco and they'll already know who you are because you're definitely going to be a well known artist IN! THE! FUTURE! where everything is made out of chrome lol. ohh everything's just so awesome today, I think this was the best thursday this week so far.  well I don't know what else I could write but I'm in this chat quite often (actually all the time because I have no life) so come by any time if you like!! xD but if you don't want to then that's okay too, our friendship should be totally independent and great and wow ok I write too much byeeeeeeee <3 

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  • hi bae2 missu ;_:

    stop getting out of chat b4 i get in

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  • Long time no see! 

    Yeah so just felt it was only right to drop in and say hi and say I'm not dead and all that jazz...


    Hai!  I'm not dead! XD Baaaaaiiii!

    Shoko out! XD

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