• I live in Hunstville
  • I was born on February 18
  • My occupation is rekting skrubs
  • I am a pretty cat thing
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  • hey rainbowsmash34 how have you been its good see you not much has been going on with me i have been trying to get throught life the best way i can . i miss talking feel free to leave a message on my message if you want

    also feel free to call me kyle vexus abadeer ( which is my adventure time oc ) hope you have a awesome thanksgiving i hope we got to talk like we use to

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    • yo lexi waz up good to see you are still using wiki its been sometime since we have talked so thought i leave you a message how is school going work is going ok i am saving up my money i make to buy a psp vita

      they doing a four part adventure time episode about marceline's life on nov 16 should be awesome going to try to watch it

      good to see you are still around i miss talking to you hope things are good with you i want you to know i still have feelings for you

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