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Mom's Manual for Raising Beautiful Children (aka Mom's Manual or M.M.R.B.C.) is the holographic manual Margaret used to assist her in raising Finn, Jake and Jermaine, and now assists Jake in raising his children, as shown in Jake the Dad. However, due to Margaret's paranoia and overprotective attitude, she made it in a way that everything appears to be an immediate danger to puppies. Due to this, Jake and his children believe the book to be "junk." 

If one asks a question in the speaker, Margaret will give an answer to the parental issue. The manual covers topics like cooking, as it was shown to instruct a recipe of French toast. It also covers what books are best to read to children their age and those not age-appropriate, and basic safety.


  • The cartridge is activated by blowing into it, reminiscent of old video game cartridges.


The Manual's a Buncha' Junk00:28

The Manual's a Buncha' Junk

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