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"Money" is a condensed track that is first played as Finn and Jake head into Wildberry Princess' castle in the episode "Furniture & Meat." The song is sung by Jake, as a beat plays in the background and features only one word, "money," which plays over and over as they run into the castle. The song is actually showing that all the guards in the castle are being bribed by money and how Jake takes advantage of that. It is also played in the title card of the episode. The song briefly appears again in the season seven premier "Bonnie & Neddy," this time sung by the King of Ooo while contemplating how to profit from the candy juice that seems to act as a water equivalent in the Candy Kingdom.


M-M-M, Money.
M-M-M, Money. Money.
Money. Money. Money.
M-M-M, Money.
M-M-M, Money.
M-M-M, Money.
M-M-M, Money.

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