This article is about Princess Bubblegum's parent. You may be looking for the candy mass from the comic series.

The Mother Gum is a collection of living beings made of mutated bubblegum. First seen in "Simon & Marcy" as being scattered around the bombed-out surface area, sticking to mutants or humanoids, and giving the tools to Simon Petrikov he needed to feed Marceline chicken soup, not much is known about the Gum Hive's origins.

It is then shown in "Bonnie and Neddy" in an abandoned building where she gives birth to Princess Bubblegum and Neddy.

In the game Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! the Mother Gum is hidden underneath the Candy Kingdom. Princess Bubblegum explains that the hive gestated her about a thousand years ago and blasted her out 827 years ago.[citation needed] She'd been protecting them there ever since. 

Continuing with the events of the game, the Hive had seeped through the dungeon walls of the Candy Kingdom and accidentally released prisoners, leading Princess Bubblegum to send fighters to take them down and investigate the cause. She had realized too late that the Gum Hive was the cause, and tried to prevent the fighters from destroying it, but it was too late. The Gum Hive became unstable and dissolved as bubbles, and were eventually into the skies of Ooo after they were defeated.