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This is a quotes article made for notable quotations only.
Please use Template:Quote on each line.

Season 2

Oh no, oh no! I really did want to kiss Boobafina! I'm secretly in love with her!


No, no! It had to happen naturally! Now she'll never love me! Wahaha! (runs off into the forest)


It's true... It's for the best.


Yo, put that bag back on!


Seasons 5

Hey! Hey, everybody, look! Look at this book I found about eating babies! They just sit there while you eat them.

—"Jake the Dad"

Look, fellas, there's never going to be a perfect baby. Times like this you just gotta dive right in

—"Jake the Dad"

Look at this. This was my grandpa's rug. Some bums let him have it 'cause it was so ugly.

—"Another Five More Short Graybles"

Wow! Haha! Almost got me right in my both eyes!

—"Another Five More Short Graybles"

Look at my bugs. Man, I always did have the ugliest bugs.

—"Another Five More Short Graybles"

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