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My Name is Jake is a song sung by Jake featuring the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant in the episode "Flute Spell." He sings it after losing all his progress on a game, but then realizing that he is now "free."


Jake: My name is Jake and I love my life
Kissing on Lady cause she's basically my wife
Fixin up Neptr cause he fell from a tree
Catching up with Maja and AP-T-W-E
Ancient Phsycic Tandem War Elephant: Maja's in a coma
and she might not wake up
Jake: I'm glad you've got a friend now
Even though that's messed up
Take T.V. to the market to get him into fruits
Take a little nappy in my blanket cocoooooon
Wake up really early just to cook for my friends
Later in the field at night I thought I saw Death
Made myself a boat and I sailed with a whale
Took T.V. to the market so he could try kale
And some other stuuuufffff....


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