This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Normal Man" from season 7, which aired on May 12, 2016.

Tree Fort
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[Normal Man is looking up at the night sky and talking on a walkie-talkie.]
Normal Man: Hey, how's it going up there? Have you made visual confirmation with Glob?
Tiny Manticore: [over radio] Shut... you... This is freaking har—!
Normal Man: Come again? You're breaking up. Make sure you tell Glob it's me who sent you. Tell him we're coming for Grod, Grob, and Gob, also! I believe in you, little guy!
Tiny Manticore: You can keep your little guys in your—aarrgh! What the freak am I doing?!
[Tiny Manticore is shown flying up into space wearing a respirator.]
Normal Man: Come again?
Tiny Manticore: Nothing. Never mind. [gasps] Oh, crud. There... he... is!
Glob: Who's that? Dark off.
[A beam of light shines down at Tiny Manticore and reaches Earth.]
Normal Man: Whoa!
Tiny Manticore: I... got... you! [grabs Glob]
Glob: Uh-oh, don't pass out, man. Hey, wake up. Hey.
Tiny Manticore: What?
Normal Man: [watching through telescope] Pull up! Pull up!
Tiny Manticore: Oh, right. [laughs] I did it! I have your brother, Magic Man!
Normal Man: It's "Normal Man" now.
Tiny Manticore: Yes... powerless... Normal Man.
Normal Man: Bring him here, Tiny!
Tiny Manticore: No.
Normal Man: Wh—Wh—Huh? What is this?
Tiny Manticore: It's a classic double-cross, bozo!
Glob: Brother, tell this animal to put me back in space.
Tiny Manticore: You messed with me for years! Now it's my turn to mess with you! [laughs]