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One Sweet Roll is an Adventure Time game on the Cartoon Network website. In the game, Cinnamon Bun must save Finn and Jake from the Ice King.


In order to get Cinnamon Bun to the next level of the game, you have to click to remove blocks just at the right time to avoid hazards. Cinnamon Bun will keep moving unless he is stopped by a block. He can also jump to get to other places and can use teleporters to get transferred to another part of the screen. When he reaches the orb, you move on to the next level of the game.


  • Block Party - Remove 100 Blocks.(200 Points)
  • On A Roll - Beat 3 Levels.(100 Points)
  • Penguin Parade - Escape the Gunters.(100 Points)
  • Chilled Out - Escape the Ice King.(150 Points)
  • Cinnamon Savior - Rescue Finn and Jake.(200 Points)
  • Level Destroyer - Mystery Badge (150 Points,Destroy all the blocks on a level).


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