"Orb" is the fifteenth episode in the eighth season of Adventure Time. It is the two hundred fifty-third episode overall.[1]


Finn, Jake and BMO's dreams fall under the influence of a mysterious orb.[1]


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The episode starts up after the episode "The Light Cloud" where Finn, Jake and BMO are heading home on the boat. Finn and Jake are saying bananas while BMO is notifying them about a cloud following their boat. Finn and Jake are too lazy to move so they ignore it. Jake tells BMO to tell them a bedtime story. BMO then starts and says once upon a time there was a cool guy and a banana with sunglasses. Jake tells BMO to not talk about bananas so BMO says bandanas instead. The scene cuts back to Finn and Jake asleep and the fire burning out. BMO sets up his blanket and says goodnight to it, he then turns to the cloud which reveals and is actually a strange dark orb. BMO then says goodnight to the strange orb and shuts down to go to sleep.


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  • This episode has leaked online and is available on Xfinity on Demand, Spectrum Cable on Demand, and Sling TV before its intended airdate.
  • Finn is seen with both arms in his dream.
  • The Kabbalah Tree of Life is depicted in Dream Joshua's house on the carpet.
  • This episode has the shortest title in the series, with only three letters.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The canned laughter used after Jermaine tells a joke is a reference to the laughter cues used in many American sitcoms such as Friends.
  • The cloud with an eye, and how it gets completed with a dress and wings to transform into a full character, resembles the GROW series of flash puzzle games.

Episode ConnectionsEdit

  • This episode begins right where the previous episode "The Light Cloud" left off. Finn, Jake, and BMO are at sea leaving the islands and are on their way back home to the Land of Ooo.
  • The main conflict of the Elements miniseries (which begins shortly after this episode's ending) is foreshadowed several times.
    • The four elements of Ooo can be seen beginning to spread through the land at one point in Finn's dream. They can also be seen together while the trio falls down BMO's dream stage, and at the very end of the episode.
    • When Dream Joshua makes Jake and Jermaine dig, he draws the symbol of the four elements, previously seen in "Jelly Beans Have Power."
  • In his dream, Jake mentions Jermaine's house burned down in the episode "Jermaine" one year prior.
  • Jake's biological parent, the Shape-shifter makes a cameo in Jake's dream. This is a possible sub-conscious truth about his birth, which was shown in "Joshua and Margaret Investigations."
    • The Moon, from the Stakes miniseries, had appeared in Jake's dream.
  • AMO makes an appearance in BMO's dream. AMO was the main antagonist in "The More You Moe, The Moe You Know (Part II)."
    • Similarly, Football, BMO's alternate persona, was mentioned.

Storyline AnalysisEdit

  • Jake's dream where Margaret takes away his blood (and Joshua and Margaret making a strange face at him) may have some meaning in it.
    • Margaret taking Jake's blood may be a truth told in a dream about her not being his birth mother, it's symbolizing that he does not have her blood.
    • Joshua and Margaret make a strange smile which may symbolized that they lied to him about where he came from.
    • In addition, Jake's biological parent, the Shape-shifter appears in the dream.

Production NotesEdit

  • This episode was screened before it had officially aired during Adventure Time Live, an event in Australia which took place through March 10th to 12th, 2017.[2][3]
  • This episode is considered by and Wikipedia to be the first episode of Season 9. It is unknown if this is true or if it is an error. According to Adam Muto, this episode along with the Adventure Time mini series Elements are a part of season 8. [4]


When CMO leads BMO into AMO's office and says director's here to see you and when BMO talks to AMO CMO dissapers.

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When Jermaine ran away and when Jake comes to Joushau and Margret Jousha is out of the hole.



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