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Party Pat
Party Pat
Name Party Pat
Sex Male
Species Bear
Occupation Leader of the Party Bears
Introduced in "Belly of the Beast"
Latest appearance "Billy's Bucket List"
Voiced by Andy Samberg

Party Pat first appears in the episode "Belly of the Beast." He is the leader of the Party Bears partying in the Monster's stomach. Finn and Jake find him lounging on the monster's heart, which Cubby describes as like a "blood waterbed." Finn and Jake try to reason with him to get the bears to leave the Giant, but failing to realize the severity of the situation, they only party harder to the news that they are in a monster's stomach. With help from Finn, Party Pat persuades the monster to let them party in his gut again, in exchange for using gentle laser pointers rather than fireworks. He later reappears in "Billy's Bucket List," hosting the rap battle between Finn and Rap Bear.


He is taller than the other bears of his tribe and is the only one who wears clothing and shoes. He has brown fur, moderately big ears, and brown hair, and he sports a hat, a green jacket, pants, and black shoes, along with a handbag. Pat is much more human-like than the other bears. It's unknown if he is just a special, mutated bear or a member of a different species entirely.


For the leader of the party bears, Party Pat is surprisingly calm and stoic. He generally sports a blank, unresponsive expression, as if he is deep in thought. He speaks in a calm, decisive manner, giving him something of an air of wisdom, though this may just be a front. Despite his sophisticated manner of speaking he is not above jovial pranking. He treats partying as spiritual practice and a way of life rather than just something one does for fun, and he takes partying very seriously. As a result, Party Pat holds partying above all other things, including the safety of himself and his people.


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  • Party Pat's appearance is based on Adventure Time creative director Patrick McHale. This is the second character created based on Pat; the others are Gingerbread Pat and Punsy McKale, a character in The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.[1]
  • At a point in "Belly of the Beast," Party Pat appears to be wearing shoes in one frame, and then barefoot in the next. This occurs near the end of the episode when he is standing next to Finn and Jake outside the monster. This could just be a mistake on the animators' part.
  • Party Pat appears in issue 4 of the Adventure Time comics.


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