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This is a quotes article made for notable quotations only.
Please use Template:Quote on each line.

Season 1

I didn't know he was chocolate.

—"Slumber Party Panic"

Season 2

I swear I found him like this; I don't know what happened!

—"The Eyes"

Better not say nothing, you!

—"The Real You"

Fine, fine, you can have it... when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

—"The Real You"

Excuse me, but did you all say Land of the Dead?

—"Death in Bloom"

Certainly Finn, for a small price, which we can discuss later. Take my hands, gentlemen. Stare into where the two walls meet. Now slowly, cross your eyes. Do it, fools! The portal opens. Say 'hi' to Death for me if you see him, he lives in a castle made of light.

—"Death in Bloom"

And don't drink the... *portal closes* water.

—"Death in Bloom"

Hello, Princess!

—"Death in Bloom"

Ahem, Mr. Finn, Mr. Jake, I believe you still owe me something in exchange for that favor I did.

—"Death in Bloom"

I'd like your flesh.

—"Death in Bloom"

*sinister* I'm going to take it from you while you sleep!

—"Death in Bloom"

We're all candy here!

—"Susan Strong"

Princess! I brought you some tea-AH! *hisses at possessed Princess Bubblegum*

—"Mortal Recoil"

Season 3

Hey, man! Calm down! It's just a prank, man, for laughs!

—"Too Young"

Behold! A plate of mashed carrots! Flavo-AAARGH! *screaming hysterically in pain*

—"Too Young"

*in great pain* Because I'm excited by this meal I made!

—"Too Young"

He's eating the dirt. SPICE IT NOW!

—"Too Young"

*singing* Get ready for the ultimate prize! Watch her lips puff before your eyes! Never in your life would you dream of this! Never in your freaking life!

—"Wizard Battle"

Season 5

Oh, no, Ogdoad, you will be mine!

—"The Suitor"

Alright, you guys, all you guys are gross. How long have you been waiting to court the princess?

—"The Suitor"

Well, you paid the price, no doubt. And I want to have your babies.

—"The Suitor"

You should have given him to me!

—"The Suitor"

Season 6

Hey!  You want three demon babies?


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