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"Beat Box Free Style Rap" is a song featured in "Bun Bun," written by Seo Kim. Phoebe raps the first verse, and Cinnamon Bun the second, all while Finn beatboxes.


Phoebe: Finn the human, wears a bear hat, someday he'll be old and fat.
Unless he is immortal, or a turtle.
'Cuz turtles always look old, Oh!
Turtles got told, by me, Phoebe, pure gold.
Cinnamon Bun: Guess who's back, it's Cinnamon Bun.
Bun Bun told me how to have fun.
Again, also, she let out the old King.


  • Cinnamon Bun and Phoebe may have free styled together in the past; he enters and immediately picks up the song.