This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Play Date" from season 5, which aired on November 4, 2013.

Tree Fort
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[The episode begins with a pterodactyl flying and carrying Finn and Jake. It drops them off at their Tree Fort and flies away. Finn and Jake run inside. Jake empties a treasure chest of gold coins while Finn places his Demon Sword in the mouth of a taxidermied triclops.]
Jake: [laughs] Loot, bro!
Finn: Gear dumped, bro! [They run upstairs.] How about this room, bro?
Jake: [looks around] Looks like a brolicious room to relax in and play video games... bro.
[They run over to the couch and sit down.]
Finn: Home, sweet home, bro.
Ice King: [from behind curtain] Yeah, you said it. I've been home this whole time.
Jake: [groans] [whispering] I keep forgetting that he lives here now.
Finn: [whispering] Just until Gunter finishes rebuilding the Ice Kingdom.
Ice King: What y'all whisperin' about? [jumps onto the couch between Finn and Jake] Hehe! Ex-"squeeze" me. [puts his arms around them]
Jake: [normal voice] Ice King, we've told you a thousand times: this couch ain't for cuddlin'.
Ice King: Sure it is.
Jake: It isn't!
Ice King: Mm, it's cozy.
Finn: [normal voice] It's not that bad, Jake.
Ice King: See?
Jake: [groans] Finn, can I speak to you in the kitchen?
[Finn and Jake get off the couch and walk towards the kitchen.]
Ice King: Oh, hey, Jake, can you bring me a sandwich? [whistles] Sandwich?
[They're in the kitchen. Finn is making a sandwich.]
Jake: It's time to kick Ice King out!! [signs language meaning that Ice King needs to go away]
Ice King: [pointing to Finn] Don't forget the bread! Haha!
Finn: [to Jake] Look, I hear you. But we can't kick him out because I still feel guilty about junking up his crib. Hey, what if we check him into a hotel room?
Jake: Hmmm? [signs language to Finn]
Finn: What's that?
Jake: Checking him to a hotel room.
[Finn giving the sandwich to Ice King]
Ice King: Oooh! Sandwich time! [Eating the sandwich]
[Jake kicks Finn]
Finn: Hey, Simon, how would you like to stay in the Coolest Hotel?
Jake: Lumpy Space Princess stays there. That's how cool it is.
Finn: We'll even put you up for few weeks until your place is ready.
Ice King: Ahh, but that sounds lonely. I just like to stay here with you guys! Having roommates is nice! It keeps me out of my head. Gunther says only "Wenk!" What's up with that?
Finn: Hehe, yeah?
[Jake pulls Finn at the back.]
Jake: Finn, I'm ready to murder the Ice King.
Finn: No. I-I have another idea.
[The time passes by. Ice King is lying down while eating cocoa cereal and has his robe taken off. The bowl of the cereal is on his belly. He scratches his right leg and eats another spoon. The bowl accidentally falls off.]
Ice King: Oop. [eats the cocoa from his belly]
[Jake's right eye twitches. He looks disgusted. A doorbell rings.]
Finn: Oh, my gosh! Someone's at the door. We have a doorbell now. We'll get it.
[Finn and Jake walk out. Ice King senses suspicion. Finn opens the door.]
Finn and Jake: Abracadaniel?!
Finn: What are you doing here? [keeps his voice loud so Ice King can notice]
Abracadaniel: What? You kept calling and call... [mouth has been covered by Jake's shape-shifting ears.]
Jake: Hahaha! Shut up-up-up-up-up, Abracadeez!
Finn: Yeah, man! You don't even need a reason to stop by! [keeping his voice loud]
Jake: A sexy wizard like you goes where he wants!
Ice King: [sneaks in] Whoa-oh! I see what's going on!
Jake: What... You do? [faces Ice King]
Ice King: Yeah! This wizard donk [points to Abracadaniel] is trying to jack my Tree House styles, just 'cause he beat me that one time at Wizard Battle! And if he takes one step closer, I'll bust him up one real good! I never asked to be... [sobs and slides under the curtain to his room]
Finn: [to Abracadaniel] Come on, dude, we got cookies and the cocoa! [takes him to the living room] [laughing] Dang! But you're funny, Abracadaniel!
Abracadaniel: I didn't say anything.
Finn: [continues laughing] Fantastic.
Jake: Hey, Abadabs! [holding a plate full of cookies] Why don't you show us that trick you're working on! [Ice King peeks]
Abracadaniel: Oh? Uhh. Yeah! I suppose I could! [takes out his wand] "Shirmo lock kanta Floriana" [grows a flower from the floor with his stick]
[Finn and Jake start clapping]
Finn: So good! Whoo!
Jake: [with a cookie in his teeth] You're a good wizard!
Abracadaniel: I don't know, it's dumb! I'm still working on it! It's-It's nothing!
[Ice King comes out of his room angrily]
Ice King: Oh, you're right that ain't nothing! Check out this wizar! [turns the flower into a giant ice sculpture of a flower] Whoa! [the sculpture disintegrates and it snows] What?
Abracadaniel: [amused] Ohh! You're the greatest wizard ever!
Ice King: Well, maybe not ever ever! Am I the greatest wizard in our generation? Yes. [pats Abracadaniel's head]
[Finn and Jake look at each other and exchange excited looks because their plan is going good. Abracadaniel and Ice King have fun. They play a game in BMO. They play Hide and Shoot. So Abracadaniel pretends to be hit and dies on the table. Ice King jumps on him and elbows him the stomach causing the table to break. They're cloud-watching and imagining Princesses in the clouds. And they make their BFF handshake. Finn and Jake are in their room reading.]
Jake: [sips his coffee] This was a great idea, man! It's like he's forgotten all about us!
Finn: Uhh-huh. Pretty soon, he'll be outta here for good.
 Jake: For good!
Finn: [breathes a sigh of relief] Yeah!
Ice King: [screaming out of nowhere] Finn!! Jake!! Come quick!! It's an emergency!! Hurry!! [he and Abracadaniel are giggling. The light is off. Finn and Jake climb down.]
Finn: Ice King? What's up? [Ice King turns on the light] Huh? What the flip?
Ice King: Tada!
Jake: How'd they get the other couch down here?
Abracadaniel: There you are, sir. There you are. [gives tickets to Finn and Jake that say "Abraca-Ice King Wizard Revue: -Tonite- A3/A4" with a lightning bolt on the left side and a flower with a rainbow at the end of it on the right side] Right this way.
[Finn shrugs at Jake. He and Jake sit down in their seats which say A3 and A4.]
BMO: You made it!
[Ice King gives a drum roll. Abracadaniel runs through the curtain.]
Abracadaniel: Caw! Tada!
BMO: [claps] [laughs] A bird! He's a bird!
Abracadaniel: I've always been into interpretive dance. But I've never been able to find a musician who could match my energy until now! [Ice King gives some exquisite drum sounds. Abracadaniel begins to dance]
Jake: Huh! He's actually not bad!
BMO: [humming] [stands up. He starts to dance] Dance party! [goes to the stage. He continues humming]
Abracadaniel: No! [pushes BMO off the stage]
BMO: Awww! [begins to hum and dance again on the stage]
Abracadaniel: No! [pushes BMO again, only harder]
BMO: Ow! [angrily kicks Abracadaniel] No!
Abracadaniel: Ow! Why are you doing this?!
BMO: You pushed my whole body!
Finn: Um, [claps] whoo! That was great, guys!
Abracadaniel: Yeah? You guys liked it?
Ice King: Well, then the second and third acts are gonna knock your socks off!
Finn: Uh, [stands up, including Jake] actually, Jake and I have got, uh, got some stuff to take care of.
Jake: Yeah... [looks at his shape-shifted clock] It's getting pretty late.
[Ice King and Abracadaniel look at each other]
Abracadaniel: Uh... oh, Glob.
Finn: 'Sup, ABD?
Abracadaniel: I just remember that I'm, uh, a-allergic, uh, to, to the night sky.
Finn: You're afraid of the dark?
Abracadaniel: Yes, if I ever had to walk, uh, outside at night, I might die of-of...
Ice King: [whispering so quietly that Finn and Jake can't hear him] Of fright.
Abracadaniel: Of fright!
[Jake looks behind to see Ice King behind him and Finn]
Finn: Gee. Well, I guess you can crash here for the night.
Abracadaniel: All right!
Ice King and Abracadaniel: [high five] Sleepover!!
Finn: Wait! Are you really afraid of the dark?
Abracadaniel: Maybe.
Finn: Okay. Well, you can sleep on the couch. We're gonna go. Uh, good night. [climbs up, including Jake]
[Ice King and Abracadaniel laugh secretly like they're planning some kind of evil plan. They both go downstairs where Finn and Jake's treasures are.]
Abracadaniel: [shocked] Whoa!
Ice King: See, I told you! Isn't it awesome? Eh, since I'm pretty much in charge here, we can totally take all this treasure if we wanted to.
Abracadaniel: Ha! Totally!
[They both walk closely to the treasures.]
Abracadaniel: Wow! Cool! [looks at a toy]
Ice King: Oh, that's just a byncomire.
Abracadaniel: Ohh!
Ice King: Wanna see something really cool?
Abracadaniel: Yeah!
Ice King: Okay, but you gotta promise not to freak out!
[Abracadaniel nods. Ice King walks over to the sword's holder. He takes the sword.]
Ice King: This is Joshua the Dog's Demon Blood Sword.
Abracadaniel: [gasps]
Ice King: Yeah! It's a real demon blood sword.
Abracadaniel: What?!
[Ice King peels off the handle.]
Ice King: And you see these words? [points to the words on the handle] If you say them out loud, you can actually see a vision of the demon whose blood was used to make the sword!
Abracadaniel: No way! That sounds awesome! Too bad neither of us can read Demon Runes.
Ice King: Ooh! I know how! Butyrum lac surepo kee oth pradium, like that!
[Kee-Oth appears.]
Ice King: Oops.
Abracadaniel: Wow! It looks so real!
Kee-Oth: I am real!
[Ice King and Abracadaniel scream. Ice King wraps the handle back on and returns the sword to its holder.]
Kee-Oth: Bring me the true bearer of my blood sword or I will destroy you both!
[Kee-Oth starts growling while Ice King and Abracadaniel walk back.]
Ice King: Come on, best friend, [puts his crown on] let us not betray Finn! Let's fight Kee-Oth ourselves!
Abracadaniel: Nobody can defeat us if we work together! Super Wizard Team Up!
[Ice King continuously attacks Kee Oth with lightning bolts while Abracadaniel continuously attacks with flowers.]
Kee-Oth: You're wasting your powers on me. Haha!
Ice King: Oh! No! Oh, no! He's too powerful!
[He and Abracadaniel yell. Kee-Oth grabs them by their necks. Finn and Jake arrive.]
Finn and Jake: Kee-Oth!
Kee-Oth: Joshua!
Finn and Jake: Kee Oth Rama Pancake...
Kee-Oth: Don't say another word, Joshua! Or the throats are going to get it! If you speak the words to banish me, I'll reduce your friends to ash!
Jake: Kee Oth Rama P... [Finn covers his mouth]
Finn: Dude!!
Jake: I thought he was bluffing.
Kee-Oth: I'm not bluffing, Joshua! If you do not willingly return my stolen blood, I will destroy him [faces Abracadaniel] and him. [faces Ice King]
[Finn and Jake run towards the sword's holder.]
Finn: Ahh! The sword!
Jake: Scary!
[Finn takes the sword.]
Finn: I just can't do it, Jake. This is Dad's sword!
Jake: You don't have any other choice! Do it!
Kee-Oth: Do it!!
["Do it!!" echoes. Finn breaks the sword using his knee. The sword breaks in half. The bloods rise up.
Finn: Whoa.
[The bloods go to Kee Oth. He drops Ice King and Abracadaniel. He becomes red and much bigger.]
Finn: You got your blood, now get outta here!
Kee-Oth: [chuckles] All right, I'll go. Psych! Got you now, Joshua! [takes Jake. He starts laughing and vanishes]
[Abracadaniel and Ice King walk towards Finn.]
Abracadaniel: [scratching his back] Uh, hey, so, uh, I should be getting home.
Ice King: [scratching his back] Uh, yeah, me, too. Hey, Abracadaniel, wanna hang out at my place?
Abracadaniel: I thought your house broke.
Ice King: Ice Kingdom's been rebuilt for weeks!
[They both leave.]
Finn: Jake?

Episode ends