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The prank machine was a machine designed and built by Princess Bubblegum in the episode "Too Young."

When activated (by a ringing alarm clock), it eventually displays the message "You Really Smell Like Dog Buns" and wakes whoever is in bed.


  1. Alarm clock rings
  2. Startled bird chirps
  3. Bird scares worm, who drops marble
  4. Marble closes scissors, which cuts string
  5. String dangles acorn in front of gnome
  6. Gnome drops ball
  7. Ball swings lever
  8. Lever burns through string
  9. String drops boot on ketchup bottle
  10. Bottle squirts ketchup on gnome 2
  11. Gnome 2 walks off in disgust
  12. Scale unbalances, tipping marble
  13. Marble rolls down track
  14. Marble activates scroll
  15. Marble wakes victim



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