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"I'd rather be dancin' with some babes!"
Jake This article is about an unreleased product. As such, some information may be false. Please help the Adventure Time Wiki by expanding it, or providing a source for information when possible.

Prince Prince Prince is the gender-swapped version of Princess Princess Princess. Prince Prince Prince was drawn by production assistant Patrick Seery.


Prince Prince Prince is a prince who has five heads, all of which have the same crown in different sizes. Their crowns have many spikes on them. The head on the left shoulder is the only normal one; the others are monstrous with sharp teeth and always have their mouths open, drooling (the opposite of Princess Princess Princess, who has four normal heads and one monstrous one). Prince Prince Prince's skin is attached to his suit and all of his heads, except the regular head. Prince Prince Prince's flesh under all five heads necks fall sloppily over their suit. Prince Prince Prince appears to be wearing a tailcoat.

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