Princess Bubblegum's crown is a golden circlet with an inlaid turquoise jewel at the pinnacle and worn by Princess Bubblegum to signify her monarchy to the Candy Kingdom. The crown and its gem are important to her, considering she protects it well and is rarely seen without it. The crown has magic properties that were able to protect her from the Lich's mind-controlling powers in "Mortal Folly." In "Princess Cookie," Princess Cookie wanted the crown badly and took hostages in order to get it, although this may be because he wanted to be the Princess of the Candy Kingdom. In "The Lich" the turquoise jewel on the crown is revealed to be one of nine needed to unlock the Enchiridion's powers.


  • Princess Princess PrincessTurtle Princess, Embryo Princess, and Slime Princess have the same kind of crown, although the gems have different colors.
  • The crown's jewel can protect anyone from the Lich's control.
  • Princess Bubblegum does not take off her crown even in informal and recreational events, such as Finn and Jake's Movie Club in "Video Makers." She does, however, take it off to sleep as seen in "Go With Me."
  • In You Made Me, she is not wearing her crown. The reason for this is unknown.
  • In "Earth & Water," Princess Bubblegum wore the crown over her protective suit.
  • King of Ooo owned this crown during his reign as Candy Kingdom ruler from Hot Diggity Doom until "Checkmate." Princess Bubblegum got it back at the end of Stakes, and is now princess again.