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This page is a guide to Princess Bubblegum's fashionable costumes and outfits.

List of outfits

Image Description Appearance
Princess Bubblegum
Its default, dress is pink, long, with purple details at the waist and neck, the dress is most used in the series. The Most episodes
In several episodes , wearing a lab coat , most often it is white bluish , sometimes it is blue -gray but in this episode it is white with goggles over her regular dress. "Slumber Party Panic"
In this episode, she wears a large white dress with purple and pink details on the shoulders , in addition to carrying purple shoes. "Trouble in Lumpy Space"
Milk Suit Bubblegum
main article: Milk suit "The Duke"
At the beginning of the episode, she wears a mask of gas from the 14th century, the rest of the episode uses his default outfit. "What Have You Done?"
In this episode she wears a great dress medium yellow with cream and pink, and pink details and some strawberries of embellishment. "The Other Tarts"
Princess-bubblegum-adventure-time-shorts-tee-outfit 0
In this episode she wears white and pink sneakers along with white shorts, a yellow tee shirt with a rainicorn on it and knee high socks. "The Real You"
Princess-bubblegum-adventure-time-space-outfit 0
In this same episode she wears her "science suit". "The Real You"
In this episode princess bubblegum wears a ruffly fushia and magenta dress/ after eating the princess plant her hair became shorter "Death in Bloom"
In this episode she wears a light blue dress with watercolor effects at the bottom and a pink sweater "Susan Strong"
In this episode she wears a blue, off-the-shoulder dress, and later, a yellow nightgown with pink dots.  "Go With Me"


adventure time

  • Issue 2: in this comic she wears a pink bikini swimsuit.
  • Issue 4: in this comic she wears the same outfit as in Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens Issue 2,the start of Video Makers, Lemonhope Part 1 and Elemental.
  • Issue 7: at the beginning she wears her rock t-shirt from Marceline, later she wears a white shirt with a blue lab coat over it.
  • Issue 8: she wears many outfits in this comic such as futuristic clothes.
  • Issue 10: same as What Was Missing.
  • Issue 15: she wears a pink dress with Purple shoes and a waist line.
  • Issue 20: wears a green suit and long purple gloves and purple boots. Later she wears a pink and purple pajama top in her bed.
  • Issue 21: wears a dark pink shirt with white details, long pink gloves, beige trousers and Brown boots.
  • Issue 23: at the beginning she has a pink night gown with white details, then she wears a blue coat and purple shoes over it.
  • Issue 25: in this comic she wears a pink coat with purple boots, a purple rucksack and a blue amulet, then she wears a blue amulet with a pink jumpsuit.
  • issue 28: in this comic she wears a pink t-shirt, purple sborts, pink and purple boots and her hair is in a doughnut style.
  • Issue 31: wears a pink jumpsuit with white shoes and a pink and white jacket.
  • Issue 32: in the future after Mnemoniod changes the time line she wears a white body suit with a pink ribbon and pink shoes. She has a different type of crown.
  • Issue 33: in this comic after Mnemoniod changes the time line to even further in the future she wears purple boots, purple gloves, a dark pink body suit with a pink body warmer with dark pink details. The gem from her crown is attached to her hair in this comic.
  • Issue 34: in this comic after Mnemoniod changes the time line to even further in the future she wears a purple dress with her gem still attached to her hair.
  • Issue 35: in this comic she wears purple boots, Pink bottoms, a pink body warmer held by a purple ribbon. At the flashback to the Secret Princess Meeting she wears this same outfit but with a pink jacket.
  • Issue 37: in this comic she wears purple jeens and a white shirt, then same as "Goliad," then same as "Lady And Peebles"
  • Issue 38: same as "Slumber Party Panic."

Adventure Time: Marceline and the scream Qeens

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