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What happened to them, husband?

—"Princess Monster Wife"

Is there something wrong with me? The way I am... it's not normal, is it?

Princess Monster Wife: I need a glass of water.

Ice King: Ooh, I'll go get it-

Princess Monster Wife: No, it's okay. I'll get it.

(looking at her reflection) You are not normal; you are a monster! Monster! A monster!

I don't feel beautiful. I feel like a freak.

You should just find another princess to marry, I'm unlovable!

Ice King: Girl I love you as much as all the other princesses in the world combined.

Princess Monster Wife: You don't really mean that...

I'm just a bunch of stolen parts?

But who am I?

You'd love me even without these other princesses's parts?

Though my parts be scattered, I shall always be your wife.

—"Princess Monster Wife"