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"Rap Bear & Finn's Rap" is a song sung by Finn, Jake, and Rap Bear in the episode "Billy's Bucket List" in a rap battle spectated by the Candy People, Party Bears, and Party Pat. It is the final song of Season 5.


Rap Bear: Yo! check, check, 1-2!
Hey. I'm Rap Bear.
I can rap... like that.
Ha-ha! I'm back.
It's a battle of rhymes,
I'm gonna do it this time.
I'm Rap Bear. My raps are mystical. [pauses]
Quantum physics! Whoo! Yeah yeah!
Jake: Boo! That was pre-written!
It's so obvious. Take him out, Finn!
Finn: Off...
Starchy: Nope.
Finn: Off the dome, here we go. Uh!
I'm-a started now. I'm-a battle now.
We gonna make a rhyme, so I can rap this time.
I rap for mill-i-ons, [pauses] sesquipedalians.

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