The Candy Kingdom is a post-war state located within the Land of Ooo. It is entirely made up of candy and is primarily inhabited by the Candy People. The kingdom was founded by Princess Bubblegum hundreds of years before the events of Adventure Time and it was under her reign for a long time (except when she was too young to rule and Earl of Lemongrab was, as of "Too Young", regent) until "Hot Diggity Doom" due to losing an election to King of Ooo. She would eventually reclaim her throne after King of Ooo is rebelled against by the Candy People in "The Dark Cloud". The kingdom is one of the largest civilizations in Ooo as it is well-developed and even has interests in the affairs of the other kingdoms. In "Red Starved," Princess Bubblegum refers to the kingdom as an "eternal empire."


Very little is known about the early history of the Candy Kingdom. In "The Vault," the kingdom is shown while it was being built by Princess Bubblegum and the Candy People. At the time, only the kingdom's walls and central castle were under construction. A river of radioactive sludge that flowed through the kingdom was in the process of being buried under candy. This was because the sludge could easily harm or even mutate individuals who made contact with it, as was in the case of Shoko. At the time, Princess Bubblegum also established the Candy Kingdom's defenses by creating the Gumball Guardians with the help of her Amulet.

After construction was complete, the Candy Kingdom became a prosperous state under the care of Princess Bubblegum. Closer to the events of Adventure Time, the legendary hero, Billy, defeated the Lich and trapped him inside an amber prison within the top of the Candy Castle. Around this time, the Gumball Guards were deployed in the kingdom to replace the Banana Guards. Although they were efficient, the new guards were quickly destroyed when Princess Bubblegum believed that they were too violent to be of use.

In "Hot Diggity Doom", the Candy Kingdom holds an election for the title of the new princess of the kingdom. Despite her confidence that she would easily win on the basis of all her dedication to the kingdom over the years, Princess Bubblegum ends up losing the election to the King of Ooo and loses her power after centuries of being ruler. During the King of Ooo's reign as princess of the kingdom, Bubblegum took up residence in her Uncle Gumbald's cabin near Lake Butterscotch. In "The Dark Cloud", the Candy People rebelled against the King of Ooo due to his inefficiency and narcissism as a ruler, leading to the King of Ooo's deposition and replacement as princess by Crunchy. Bubblegum then regained her position as ruler with his official permission and has since moved back into her castle.

In Princess Bubblegum's flashback in "Bonnie and NeddyNeddy is seen sucking the tree that grew into the tree in the middle of the Candy Kingdom were he still sucks it and produces the juice.
S7e1 neddy suck tree

Future of the kingdom

In the ending of "Lemonhope Part 2," an elderly Lemonhope is seen roaming through the remains of a futuristic Candy Kingdom, many years after the death of Earl of Lemongrab. Since then, the Candy Kingdom has been abandoned and the large metropolis that had grown outside of the kingdom's walls lie in ruins. Much of the surrounding landscape has become cleared, such as the Cotton Candy Forest and the Rock Candy Mountains. There are signs that the Candy Kingdom experienced a catastrophic event, as abandoned vehicles and crashed planes are seen scattered around the area.

In "Graybles 1000+", set a thousand years into the future, Cuber finds himself trying to escape a desolate Ooo, where he comes across an upgraded version of the Gumball Guardian known as the Prize Ball Guardian, which appears to function as a mobile Candy Kingdom following the abandonment of the prior kingdom. The citizens of the former Candy Kingdom have apparently been kept in stasis in the Prize Ball Guardian's prize balls.

In "High Strangeness," Princess Bubblegum predicts the catastrophe mentioned above and sends colonization missiles to other planets to grow and colonize in case something happens.


The land outside of the kingdom's walls is covered in cotton candy trees and, therefore, is known as the Cotton Candy Forest. Other locations within the kingdom include the Rock Candy Mountains, Lake Butterscotch and the Earldom of Lemongrab. Although most of the Candy Kingdom is edible, not all of the kingdom's territory is made out of candy. In "Burning Low," Princess Bubblegum goes to Finn and Jake's Tree Fort to collect their taxes, suggesting that the area of the Grass Lands near the fort is part of the Candy Kingdom. This is supported in "Davey," where the Banana Guards answer a call for the Grass Lands to arrest Jake (dressed like a robber), and in "Princess Potluck," where they even travel to the border of the Grass Lands near the Ice Kingdom. In "Who Would Win," when Jake boasts about his score in Kompy's Kastle, he claims it is the third highest in the Candy Kingdom; this can be seen as further evidence that the Tree Fort is within the kingdom's confines and/or that Jake and Finn are subjects of the Candy Kingdom.


Nearly everything within the Candy Kingdom is composed of some form of candy or sweet. This includes the buildings and infrastructure inside of the kingdom's walls. Even the ground in the kingdom is edible, from the peanut brittle streets shown in "Susan Strong," to the chocolate dirt shown in "Too Young."

Princess Bubblegum's Castle

The Candy Castle is the largest building in the kingdom and the palace where Princess Bubblegum resided until losing the election, along with a few other Candy People. In "The Vault," it reveals that the walls and castle of the kingdom seems to be made of cake. The frosting and decorative sweets were likely applied later on to make the kingdom appear more like confectionery.

Other Locations


The Candy People make up majority of the population in the Candy Kingdom. They resemble a variety of sweets, such as candies, pastries, and fruit. Most residents of the Candy Kingdom live within the walls of the central settlement. However, some non-candy citizens, such as Lady Rainicorn, Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig reside outside in their own homes.

Although most buildings and residents of the Candy Kingdom are composed of sweets, it is shown that their main source of food is candy. The distinction between the two (as Finn explains in "Susan Strong") is that "You can't eat the ones that talk! They're special...they got aspirations." However, there seems to be little difference in the physical composition between the two as the episode "All Your Fault" shows that Candy People can be created by using the candy life formula.

There are a variety of services provided in the Candy Kingdom. Emergency services, which include firefighting and law enforcement, have been implemented by Princess Bubblegum before the completion of the Candy Kingdom. Currently, these services are primarily occupied by the Banana Guards with the exception of a few individuals such as Root Beer Guy. There are also several institutions that provide medical, educational, and residential care to the Candy People. The Candy Kingdom is also a home to several businesses which include services such as pharmacies, groceries, and taverns.

Although the majority of the Candy People are mostly harmless, some residents of the Candy Kingdom are involved in criminal activity. Some are members of small groups who are simply annoyances to the kingdom, such as the Pup Gang. However, there are other more dangerous criminals who are involved in acts such as stealing diamonds. This includes the gangs led by Jaybird and Dr. J.


Main article: Candy Kingdom Military

The Candy Kingdom's army is primarily composed of the Banana Guards. The guards are usually armed with spears, the episode "Susan Strong," it is shown that the Candy Castle has an armory full of a variety of candy weapons. In addition, the Candy Kingdom is shown to have a sizable cavalry force in "The Reign of Gunters." Although the Banana Guard army primarily operates within the walls of the Candy Kingdom, they are sometimes sent out by Princess Bubblegum to deal with major threats such as Gunter or Rattleballs.

The Gumball Guardians also act as a main line of defense within the Candy Kingdom and are stationed on the kingdom's walls. They are programmed to protect the Candy People from any form of danger and to enforce the Royal Promise. They are able to detect and intercept any evil force that approach the Candy Kingdom. They are shown doing this in the episodes "Slumber Party Panic," "Mortal Recoil," "Reign of Gunters," and "The Lich."

Although melee-based weaponry is most prevalent in the Candy Kingdom, their military is shown to have access to superior technology when compared to most other kingdoms. Along with the access to advanced robotics, the kingdom is equipped with candy cane rifles and candy helicopters, as shown in "Hug Wolf" and "Princess Cookie" respectively. This, along with a large number of Banana Guards, makes the Candy Kingdom's military a formidable force in the Land of Ooo. Princess Bubblegum was confident enough that in "Bad Timing," she immediately threatens Lumpy Space Princess with a declaration of war on Lumpy Space after getting assaulted by her. The Candy Kingdom has also an arsenal of cannons as a first line of defense as seen in "Something Big."


  • As implied by Jake in "Susan Strong," the Candy Kingdom military is rather ineffective, only winning the battle against the Hyooman tribe by sheer luck because the Marshmallow Kids were accidentally set on fire by Jake when he sneezed into the fire. 
  • Adam Muto has said that the Candy Kingdom is a "princessipality" since it is ruled by a princess instead of a king or queen.[citation needed]
  • Finn nearly caused its destruction three times. First, when he opened a black hole in "The Real You." Second, when he showed Susan Strong the kingdom and she brought the other Hyooman tribe members to eat it. Third, when he released wolves in Princess Bubblegum's room in "Go With Me," endangering Princess Bubblegum's life.
  • Finn mentioned it had a church, signifying that there is religion in Ooo. The point was to worship "Glob." This may be the official religion of the candy kingdom if there is one.
  • Like in most cities, there is a "bad" part of town. It can be found behind Princess Bubblegum's castle as seen in "Apple Thief." The Candy Tavern is located there, and it is mostly full of criminals.
  • The Candy Kingdom is home to the Candy Kingdom Mental Hospital, where the very old and the mentally ill reside, playing games. It appears that Doctor Princess is an active staff member.
  • Gunter and his magic penguin army (temporarily) conquered the Candy Kingdom (and the rest of Ooo) in "Reign of Gunters."
  • In "All Your Fault," Finn states that Princess Bubblegum made the Candy Kingdom. This was later confirmed in The Vault. In this episode, the Candy Kingdom is still being constructed, with Bubblegum watching over everything.
  • The Candy Kingdom is seen burning from Ice King's window in "Another Five More Short Graybles."
  • In "Rattleballs," one of the Gumball Guardians is holding up a small pile of cash, showing that the Candy Kingdom may have a legal tender. It resembles the U.S. Dollar, only with a house on it.
  • As seen in "Hot Diggity Doom," despite the Candy Kingdom being a monarchy, they can elect their princess by voting on candidates like in a democracy (suggesting a potential elective monarchy like in parts of Eastern Europe during the Early Modern Period), however Princess Bubblegum does mention that the whole process was barely legal.
  • There is a running subplot in which Princess Bubblegum can seem a tyrannical leader, but she feels she is doing what she must to shephard and protect the kingdom. When she was briefly ousted as Princess, the kingdom was nearly destroyed, and only restored to stability when she basically seized power as an anti-democratic monarch again.
    • In "High Strangeness", it was revealed that there is a resistance movement called the Veritas Brigade who oppose and criticizes Princess Bubblegums rule as fascist.



  1. Candy kingdom became a democracy after the candy people elected the king of ooo as their ruler