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Sea Lard
What i thought he was missing a sock
Name Sea Lard
Origin Princess Bubblegum
Type Raffle Prize
Owner Finn
Introduced in "BMO Noire"
Last appearance "Princess Potluck"
Ice King "Do you know what Ice King means?!"
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Sea Lard is first seen in the episode "BMO Noire," when Finn carries it into the Tree Fort. It is later revealed in the episode "Princess Potluck" that Finn won it in a raffle at Princess Bubblegum's potluck.


The sea lard is a plump, orange, and slightly oval creature. It has a dangling lump of flesh on its forehead and a similarly-shaped nose with a few hairs on it. Its eyes are closed and its mouth turned down in a frown, presumably because it is asleep.


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