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Sea Lards are a species of lard (the others being Greed Lards, Space Lards and Grass Lards) that is first seen in the episode "BMO Noire," when Finn carries one into the Tree Fort after winning a raffle at Princess Bubblegum's potluck as revealed in "Princess Potluck." During "The Visitor", said sea lard is seen sleeping near a pile of dirty clothes with NEPTR in the Tree Fort.


The sea lard is a plump, orange, and slightly oval creature. It has a dangling lump of flesh on its forehead and a similarly-shaped nose with a few hairs on it. Sea lards closely resemble Greed Lards and Space Lards but are smaller and, unlike Greed Lards, wingless. The lard has a slothful reputation due to its slow movements on land. Sea Lards are mammalian, and can survive outside aquatic environments.


Sea lards appear to be heavy sleepers as one was dropped by Finn in "BMO Noire" without any response. From its name and commentary in "Jake The Brick," it is suggested that lards live near or in the sea. Sea lards can be driven further inland during storms, although this rarely happens. In the episode, a temporary symbiotic relationship is formed when a female sea lard helps a rabbit by using her "prodigious, swiveling behind" to shape the rabbit's warren.


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