This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Shh!" from season 5, which aired on May 13, 2013.

Bikini Babes
Party God
Man in Wall
Tree Fort (outside/inside)
Inside wall of fort
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[The episode begins with Finn in his bed sleeping and snoring loudly. A wad of paper hits him on the head. He opens his eyes in surprise, looks around, and turns to see Jake holding a piece of paper and smiling.]

Jake: [Flips the paper upward to reveal some writing] "I'm not talking today" [it states.] [He gives the paper a little shake to emphasize the intent.]
Finn: [Smiles and reaches behind his pillow to grab a paper of his own, he holds it up] "Me too" [it states.]
Jake: [Begins writing on a new paper. He flips it over] "When did you make your sign?"
Finn: [Writes back] "Last night when I saw you writing yours".
Jake: [Replies with] "You fancy a wager, buddy?"
Finn: [Accepts] "Bringeth it on, sir!"
Jake: [Hops out of his bed and onto Finn's with papers in hand.]
Jake: [Flips his newly written message,] "So, what are the stakes?" [He waits for Finn's reply.]
Finn: "Whoever talks first will be really disappointed"
Jake: "Can we use signs?"
Finn: "Yes, but only the ones we write in the next thirty seconds"
[They both begin to write on the rest of their papers.]
[In the kitchen breakfast was made, a pot of coffee is on a warmer and Jake and Finn sit with their plates in front of them. Finn gives a thumbs up.]
Jake: [Pushes his plate away to shuffle through his signs, he finds the one he wants and flips it over,] "What's your favorite part?" [it states,] [he flips another sign] "... of the breakfast, I mean".
Finn: [Pushes his plate away and looks at his signs, but before he can choose one Jake flips over another sign.]
Jake: "the juice?", "the toast?", "the jam?". [By this point Finn gives an annoyed stare and shuffles through his signs some more, looking for a response. Jake interrupts him with another sign] "the Tea?"
Finn: [Finally picks a sign only to have it state] "Hi, Jake"
Jake: "You didn't write enough signs, did you dummy?"
Finn: [Still appearing annoyed he shuffles through his signs again, only getting the following] "Thanks, Jake", "That's funny, Jake", "Nice catch, Jake", "Go get'm Jake!" [and finally,] "You the man, Jake!" [complete with thumbs up and smiley face.] [He instead flips to another sign that is revealed to be] "I love you, Jake". [Jake reacts to this by squishing his cheeks and pursing his lips with affection.]
[They both turn to a sound of walking, it is BMO.]
BMO: Finn, Jake, I invited some Bikini Babes over to dance to this song! [It plays "No Wonder I", a slow song, and begins to dance to it.] It's my favorite song, it makes me so happy! [Instead of saying anything they both smile at BMO and wave their arms. BMO is perplexed,] Um, why are you not talking?
[Finn and Jake ruffle through their signs for a response. Jake turns over a sign] "the juice?", [followed by Finn with] "Me too".
BMO: What?
Finn: [Pokes Jake on the shoulder, he then points to his mouth and then at BMO, who is still confused. Finn then makes kissy lips and points in BMO's direction again.]
Jake: [Becomes agitated and crossing his arms and baring his teeth, he rapidly shakes his head. He then bops Finn on the head and covers his mouth as well as his own.] [They both look back to BMO.]
BMO: [In a panic] Why are you not talking! What happened to Finn and Jake?! You have taken over their bodies! [Screaming it runs to a hole in the wall and dives in.] [Finn lifts up a sign] "Oh dang". [Inside the wall BMO whimpers and a single digital tear runs down its faceplate.]
[Outside of the wall Finn and Jake listen for BMO. Finn puts a cup to the wall while Jake stretches his ear to another hole. He hears BMO's whimpering; Finn hears it too and taps the wood.]
[Inside BMO turns to the direction of the noise and covers its speakers.] [Back outside Finn stopped tapping the wall while Jake knocks on it. This causes BMO to panic more.]
BMO: Oh oh, what should I do?! [It turns on its favorite song, grabs its knees and rocks from side to side.]
[Outside of the Tree Fort a single Bikini Babe with green skin and black hair comes walking over a hill, she arrives at the fort and knocks on the door.]
Bikini Babe (green skin;black hair): BMO? [Puts her hands on her hips and looks at her wrist watch.]
[Back inside.]
Jake: [Dashes to the kitchen table to pick up a sign] "I'm going in there". [He then looks through a box to find a headlamp, he quickly goes back to his signs and with a look of suspicion to Finn, he picks one up and flips it over] "Don't touch my signs".
Finn: "Of course not, man". [Jake puts a skull on his signs and gives Finn one final stare before heading to the wall.]
[When he gets to the wall he realizes he as well as the headlamp can't fit, so he shrinks down and fits through the hole, only to attempt to pull in the headlamp afterwards, when it doesn't fit he leaves it behind.]
[Now inside the wall he passes a spider's web and flicks it. This wakes up a spider who angrily points at him and shakes its fist. Jake merely gives a thumbs up and blows the spider a kiss. The spider calms down and waves by to Jake as he continues on.]
[Jake arrives at the sleeping area of six mice who all have their own bed starting from largest to smallest. An alarm above the beds rings for morning and the mice awake, and from smallest to largest they all exit the beds and head to a running wheel, the largest mouse is turning a crank for the wheel to move as the small ones play on it. Jake then leaves.]
[He comes to a bag of dice and a branch that grew to look like stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is a small paper with the words] "Private" [written on it. Jake walks up the stairs and sees a small man typing away on a type writer. The man finishes typing on the paper to remove it from the machine and places it on other stacks of papers. Jake grabs the just laid paper, reads it and then stretches his arm out back to the kitchen. There it is seen that Finn has disobeyed Jake and looked through his signs as well as mixing them up with is own. When Jake's arm arrives with the tiny paper, Finn is surprised and drops the ones he had. He grabs the small paper and it reads] "Life in the wall is a drag, man". [Finn sets the paper on the table and grabs one from Jake's pile and hands it to him.]
[Back inside the wall Jake gets the message] "I hear you, man". [He folds this up and places it in a pocket he made from stretching. Leaving the area he ends up at a cat shaped sarcophagus. From the outside "No Wonder I" can be heard. Jake pulls the sarcophagus open to see BMO, the song stops and it yells at Jake.]
BMO: [Screams] Go away!! Where is the real Jake?! You are doubleganger[1] you- body taker! [It hits Jake who then runs away. BMO grunts in frustration but turns the song back and goes back to holding its knees and rocking side to side.]
[Outside the Tree Fort four more Bikini Babes have arrived, one with green skin and brown hair in pigtails knocks on the door.]
Bikini Babe (green skin;brown hair): BMO, BMO are you home? BMO, we're here to dance with you! [Another bikini babe arrives, she is blue skin with blonde hair.] [When they get no response they listen in with the hands cupped.]
Jake: [Coming out of the hole and walking up to Finn, he frowns when he sees his signs have been touched.] [When Jake taps him on the shoulder Finn creates an elaborate display of signs.]
Finn: "Jake, what are you implying? That I would touch your signs after being expressly forbidden to do so?". [He shuffles them back and Jake is still frowning.]
Jake: [Picks up two signs] "Oh dang, the toast?", [he tosses them and walks off.]
Finn: [Follows him and shows him a sign that states] "Jake rules!", [this gets a smile.] [Finn then shows another sign] "What're we gonna do..." [flips] "about BMO?"
Jake: [Taps his forehead and expresses that he has an idea.]
Finn: [Flips a sign] "What?"
Jake: [Points to his nose.]
Finn: [Flips a sign with] ???
[Jake goes to a table with a TV and piles games and other electronic equipment. He grabs a stack and places them by the hole BMO dived through, Finn grabs a stack himself. Jake then gets an electric fan and places it in front of the games, Finn turns on the fan and a scent trail wafts through the hole. BMO pops its head out and sniffs, as it is about to grab one of the games it looks up to see Finn and Jake hiding in the kitchen behind tables, a bottle has been knocked over by Finn.]
[They both walk out from their hiding place holding up signs] "It's OK!". [BMO gives a small scream, trips and runs back to the hole in the wall. When Finn and Jake get there they can hear BMO playing "No Wonder I" again.]
[Outside the Tree Fort more Bikini Babes have arrived and wonder what is happening.] "I don't know, I don't have nothing else to do" [says one,] "Yeah" [replies another.] [One of them looks upwards towards the roof, she has light green skin with blond hair in a bandana, she flaps her hands and flies upward. This results in others following her lead, they all land on the roof.]
[While back inside Finn and Jake are at a table and have spread all their signs on it. They have been ripping pieces to compile a message for BMO. As Jake places the last piece they shake hands.]
[The message] "BMO we love you we're Finn and Jake for real! We're not talking today because we're playing a game! We love you!"
Jake: [Shifts his hand to become bigger and pounds on the wall.]
BMO: No way fake boys! I am never coming out! [Finn and Jake shrug.]
[Jake runs to a wall with an axe and grabs it, he begins to chop at the wall. Finn has also gotten an axe to join him. All of their chopping causes the wall to split and the roof to collapse. The Bikini Babes land on the floor. They sit confused for a bit until BMO's voice is heard.]
BMO: Bikini Babes! They're not Finn and Jake! Get them! [The Bikini Babes spring into action and begin hurling objects at Finn and Jake who take cover behind the overturned table.]
[While behind the table Finn holds up a sign] "Let's split up", [followed by Jake with] "Okay". [As they split up two groups of Babes go after them. A Bikini Babe with green skin;orange hair grabs Finn in a chokehold while another with light blue skin;black hair grabs Jake by the leg. Finn manages to flip the Babe that was chocking him and runs. Jake is now captured by two Babes, one with dark blue skin;curly black hair- they tug at his stretched arms.]
[Meanwhile BMO sits on the shoulders of a light blue;ponytail purple haired Babe and pumping its fist. As the fight continues the pigtailed Babe chases Finn, hitting him with a plank of wood. Finn is in pain but simply flips up the signs] "OUCH", "OW", "HEY".
[The fight continues but some of the Babes have stopped to dance a bit, and Jake is being treated like a volleyball, being palmed by two Babes; the dark blue and now a light blue;brown hair. Back to Finn who is trying to keep three Babes at bay with a chair.]
[The scene shifts to the pigtail Babe who is sitting on the stove shaking maracas with a sign in her mouth] "the jam?".
[Finn has broken free of the group, tosses the chair and runs. Jake on the other hand is surrounded by three Babes with one sitting on him punching him in the head. He tosses her off and begins to intimidate them with Kung-fu hand movements, they all stare and begin to back away. This doesn't deter two of the Babes as they dive for Finn and Jake and hold them down.] [Finn is seen dragging himself as a light blue;short purple haired Babe hangs on.] [The green skin;black haired Babe pulls Jake's arm above his head and pinches him all over when she pinches his jowls Jake yells out loud,]
Jake: Ow, ow! Okay fine! Uncle uncle, please stop pinching me Bikini Babe!.
Finn: [Finn pumps his fist in triumph] Oh, I win! [sighs] you're so disappointed. [Laughs.]
BMO: Finn? Jake? For real?
Finn: We were just playing a game, BMO. It all started this morning when Jake made a sign that said-
BMO: Oh, I don't care. Let's just-a party!
[They all dance around when suddenly a brown object crashes through the roof, it is the Party God.]
Party God: Party, party, party! Ooouuuu! [He also dances.]

Ending credits: Armen Mirzaian 1977-2013. "Aw c'mon"

Episode ends

  1. While the term is "Doppelgänger", BMO says it as Doubleganger.